5 Easy Ways to Start Meditation to relieve tension

Easy Ways to Start Meditation to relieve tension , Current lifestyle that has to face the changes of the era. advancement of technology and increasing social problems

It is a factor that pushes many people to be at risk of suffering from stress disorders. It’s why it’s important to arm yourself to prevent the effects of these symptoms.

You can easily start with daily meditation, several times a day, which can help relieve stress. and reduce the risk of developing depression as well

5 Easy Ways to Start Meditation to relieve tension Anyone Can Do

for techniques to start practicing meditation Tell me why it’s not hard You can do this by following the instructions below.

1. Find a quiet corner

First, before you meditate. You need to find a quiet corner where you can get away from all the hustle and bustle. reading room or even the bathroom You must not bring your smartphone or tablet with you into the room. to create a truly peaceful space for meditation

2. Choose a comfortable chair.

Another secret to effective meditation is choosing a comfortable chair. because in the meditation It may take you a long time, so the chair of choice for meditation should be a chair with backrest and armrests that will help you relax. And it should have a certain level of strength as well.

3. Pay attention to the determination of breathing.

good meditation The meditator must practice controlling the in- and out-breath well. and focus on breathing exercises for the duration of the meditation. Because such practice will help you focus on the present moment. Don’t let worry about future matters. or past mistakes that bother your mind and distract you

4. Explore your own thoughts

while you are meditating You will find that there are many ideas that pop up in your brain. You should take this opportunity to explore your own thoughts on why you have such thoughts. What are some of your lingering concerns? And try to answer yourself how to deal with negative thoughts.

5. Determine the duration of meditation.

At the beginning of the meditation practice You shouldn’t take too much. because it will make you feel reluctant And Phan will make you not want to practice meditation again in the future. The best way to practice meditation for beginners is to practice short meditations of about 5 minutes at a time.

Do this several times in a day. Whether it’s bath time or meditating before starting work. This will allow you to focus on your work even more.

It also has a positive effect on mental health. helps relieve stress and worried from work duties and problems as well This allows you to deal with and manage problems effectively.

that meditation It may not be easy for many people. Especially in an era where we are surrounded by all kinds of attention-grabbing things. However, good meditation can be done anywhere, anytime.

As long as you only have 5 minutes, you can train your mind to be strong. to relieve tension And focus on working better, of course.

3 Managing sad emotions with the principle of “Resilience”

3 Managing sad emotions with the principle of “Resilience”

3 Managing sad emotions with the principle of “Resilience”- In the increasingly severe and debilitating COVID-19 situation every day. Psychological skills in managing your sad emotions are essential. Because many people have to face disappointment, such as being postponed for COVID-19 vaccinations, being fired from their jobs. unable to travel back to family in upcountry or facing sadness, such as being infected with COVID-19, losing someone close to you from COVID-19

The stories of the three examples show that in this critical situation, Resilience is very important and necessary. 3 Managing sad emotions with the principle of “Resilience” as follows:

1. Building self-confidence (Self-confidence) can be done by Self

Practice what you like Something that you are good at until you are proficient, such as if you like to cook You can enhance your skills by watching YouTube clips or jotting down tips from a cooking show. You can develop the formula to be your own signature.

1.1 Be sure to encourage yourself.

For example, reward yourself for accomplishing a difficult task, praising your achievements or abilities. to feel that we are good and is capable enough to overcome various obstacles

1.2. Talk to someone you are close to.

Sharing positive and negative stories with people we trust can help us feel at ease. and see yourself in a more positive way

2. Building self-esteem (Self – esteem) can be done

2.1 Be aware of your own thoughts and feelings

Be conscious of how we feel when we are in this situation. What are your thoughts? when we are aware of our thoughts and feelings We will be able to control our expressions appropriately.

2.2 Respect yourself and others

Start with things that are close to you, such as listening to other people’s opinions. believe in one’s own abilities Do not make yourself and others suffer, etc.

2.3 Look for a good role model

Whether it’s our parents, teachers, bosses, or people we’ve been impressed with and learned from them. to apply it to our lives.

3. Having a good idea about yourself (Self – concept) in a good way.

3.1 Turn off our automated behavior

stop judging others Stop talking or shaming others in a bad way and open your ears, open your eyes, open your mind to learn things from the people around you, which will be able to help us see ourselves clearly from learning things.

3.2 Reduce prejudice against people and situations

When we look at everything objectively, we don’t judge, don’t put our feelings into it. We will be able to learn the world more deeply.

3.3 Learn from your own and others’ mistakes

good learning In addition to learning through doing it yourself. We can also learn through the actions of experienced people. like the three exemplars beside him It is a good teacher in rehabilitating the mind (Resilience) very well.

5 ways to fill your life with happiness with dreams

5 ways to fill your life with happiness with dreams psychological Dreams are directly related to happiness. from research in psychology The story of creating happiness with positive psychology by Kaen Mui Jeen found that when people can follow their dreams or what we want to achieve we will feel happy feel self worth have pride in yourself and also stated that one element of happiness is to have goals in life or having a dream

So keeping the Passion of your dreams or building a commitment to follow your dreams. It is very important for happiness in our life. Therefore, we would like to bring to you 5 ways to fill your life with happiness with dreams

Make Your Dreams Clear

By transforming the dreams in your heart into concrete, tangible, for example, if you dream of becoming a dessert chef. You can make your dreams come true by researching desserts. Taking a baking course Learn recipes or techniques from moms, grandmothers, grandmothers and make your dreams bigger by sharing our sweet treats with people to taste. And continue to improve the formula until it is our signature.

2. Make a plan to make your dreams come true.

For example, Kiesenhofer, our role model, even a professor at a university. But he hasn’t given up on his dream of becoming an Olympic cyclist. By searching for information and competing in programs that can make dreams come true. That is to compete in the Time Trial until he was able to win the race and Got a quota to compete in the Olympics until finally got a gold medal

3. Develop the skills needed to follow your dreams.

If you have a dream but not practicing skills to make dreams come true, such as wanting to be a singer Even though the voice does not give, but the heart loves or want to be an ambassador but the language is not no cultural knowledge If we dream but do not develop ourselves We can only dream But if we are determined, determined, and have Passion to make our dreams come true Then develop yourself, such as learning to sing, learn languages, find information on social and cultural aspects of the world. It helps us get closer to our dreams

4. Believe in yourself

Even if the real you is shy But in the pursuit of dreams It is something that we must use courage to overcome fear in my heart. And the core that we use to overcome ourselves is self-confidence. For example, the contestant of The voice Thailand 2019, my favorite is Nong Opal. Her normal personality is shy. But when singing on time The younger sister will sit and play the good guitar, close her eyes and release the power of the sound that she listens to and is enchanted. That shows that you have enough confidence in yourself to enter the contest. and follow your own dreams

5. Bring yourself to experience the atmosphere of dreams.

Many song contestants Take an inspirational approach Or awaken the courage to follow their dreams through watching the performances of previous year’s contestants, many of whom pushed themselves to dare to follow their dreams that day. Has become an inspiration for many people today. Because of bringing myself to experience the atmosphere of dreams, sure enough.

According to a theory of psychology known as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, our dreams are fulfilled. It is a pathway to the highest order of human needs. also known as As Maslow said, the greatest happiness in life that makes us complete is to become what we want to be.

Think positive and look at the world, Passing on positive thoughts to others

Think positive and look at the world , The positive thinking and optimism It will help to improve the quality of work, quality of life, good health and good mood in a world full of bad news. We don’t need to know everything about it. There is no need to be bogged down with other people’s suffering. that we choose to focus only on the good happening in life

Think positive and look at the world

Our brains are always changing.

     We may still hold on and think that brain development only happens when we are young. But the truth is that we can continue to develop our brains. Even if you grow up to be an adult The brain can still change. This allows us to learn and master new skills, for example, even though we were once thoughtful and pessimistic people.

Change is a danger signal.

     when changes occur The brain responds and makes us see it as a problem or obstacle. make us think pessimistic Because things that change often cause us to respond differently to that. This made us stop using automated response systems. This causes the brain to think and require more energy. especially big changes that it often causes difficulties make a risk

The aptitude of each person

     The brain began to change since childhood. the part of the brain that we use less The neurons that are not used often will scatter and gradually disappear, but the ones that are frequently used it will keep in touch Hold on tight and stay with us until we grow up. cause aptitude in various skills

 until when we grow up The adaptive flexibility of the brain is reduced. Each one is good at certain subjects and loses the flexibility of a childish mind. But our brains can change all the time. And we can also build neuron connections and learn new skills.

Risk of trust

     We all want to work with people we can trust. A company we can trust But trust is a delicate thing. When we trust in the hands of others There is always the risk that that person will disappoint us. Risk of ruining the relationship Trust, trust is risky. But it also brings long-term benefits.

                when we have faith The brain secretes neurotransmitters. or the happiness messenger oxytocin When we trust and are not disappointed We will be even happier. The more the brain is connected, the more we trust. Trust is only possible when we know the risks and begin to trust others.

Risk of trust

Blame yourself or blame others

     Blaming yourself will lead to a loss of confidence. optimistic person will see it as a good thing It is caused by internal factors. We think that success comes from ourselves. and look at the bad things or mistakes that have happened It is caused by external factors. or caused by someone else

     pessimistic person will see things as bad It is caused by internal factors. Think of yourself as the cause of the mistake. and see the good as something other people make it happen


     If before we make a mistake People commented on being a smart person. The brain increases the level of response to that mistake. make us think too much But if someone says we’re stupid before we make a mistake The response level will not change. because we have already expected that the result will not turn out to be bad The mistake was not surprising.

Way to optimism

     Our environment influences our behavior and decisions. Because self-control may not be effective enough. Although we intend not to be pessimistic. Although we try to use reason But if a situation causes us anxiety or stress, then we let emotions take over reason. Linking past bad experiences to influence decision making and have a pessimistic view of the world

However, The environment affects our thinking. Try to stay away from pessimists. Stay away from bad thoughts or events. stop drinking bad news

But no matter how hard we try, we cannot avoid pessimism. our brains or that of others They all want to survive. We can’t give up and let go of pessimism.

what we can do is won’t let it devour us Don’t let it affect your overall health. And don’t let pessimists prevent us from passing on your optimistic thoughts to others.

Get to know more about Lockdown Brain fog

Get to know more about Lockdown Brain fog .Stay home for a long time, not just stress and loneliness, but may also face Lockdown Brain Fog.

Even though we don’t encounter lockdowns over and over again. But this situation is still unreliable. Many companies therefore still have measures to work from home or educational institutions still allow online learning as the main. In addition, many people do not want to go out because they do not want to increase the risk for themselves. You can say that you need to stay at home because the situation is so compulsory. However, staying at home for a long time is stressful, lonely and does it feel like sometimes there are symptoms of brain fatigue? This condition is called Lockdown Brain Fog that happens all over the world.

What is Lockdown Brain Fog?

Lockdown Brain Fog is a condition in which the brain becomes dull and tired from staying home for long periods of time. It is a new term during the lockdown to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and is a worldwide phenomenon. Therefore, there are quite a lot of people with Lockdown Brain Fog symptoms.

Lockdown Brain Fog is not a medical term. It is not a symptom or any disease, but rather a term used to describe a dull and blurred brain, similar to the symptoms of brain blurring while not getting enough sleep or jet lag. Causing slow thinking or thinking hard like the brain does not fully work.

Lockdown Brain Fog is caused by 3 factors:

1. Lack of society, lack of communication.

2. Restricted areas, being in the same environment, not going anywhere as usual.

3. The loneliness of being alone doing the same thing over and over again.

Which clinically believed that all of these factors affect our physical and mental health. It also affects brain function in cognitive skills and memory, and may increase the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

For those who feel their brain is blurred, the brain is stubborn, hard to think of work and feel tired both physically and spiritually. We have a guide to dealing with Lockdown Brain Fog. Try these out.

1. Talk more.

If there are people sharing a room in the house, talk to each other more often. Doing a routine without meeting and chatting or if you’re alone, call or video call your friends, relatives, and talk regularly to exchange ideas. By talking, it should be a conversation with both parties as well.

2. Increase your living space for yourself.

Staying still in a room will even more adversely affect the work of the brain. So try to find space for your own life as well, such as waking up and going to breakfast, and drinking coffee on the balcony or forecourt. As long as you don’t stay in your room or lie down in bed all day and night.

3. Move your body often.

Such as doing housework, walking out to litter to fill the water or getting up often would be good. Especially people who work at home try not to sit at a desk all day. Trying to get up and walk a lot or try standing work will help you use your muscles and use more energy.

4. Exercise.

In addition, during the day you should have to move the body. You need to find time to exercise too. You should do at least exercise for 15-30 minutes a day.

5. Find relaxing activities.

Stress has a huge impact on our brain function and our emotions. So if you sit still and feel stressed and bored, take yourself to do your favorite activities. Maybe watch a series, play TikTok, watch funny clips, read your favorite books. Or you can play brain training games.

6. Eating more brain food.

Each day, we should eat foods that are beneficial to the body and have benefits for brain function such as fish, seafood, olive oil, vegetables-fruits, whole grains, etc.

7. Get enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep is important in any case. You should allocate time for activities and bedtime in proportion. Most importantly, try to go to bed at the same time as it will help your body function normally. 

8. Avoid alcohol and sleeping pills.

Alcohol can damage the ability to think and make decisions. Sleeping pills are a type of drug that affects the nervous system. Therefore, if you take it frequently, it can affect your brain function as well. Therefore, it is better to avoid it.

We can actually get out of the brain fatigue or Lockdown Brain Fog in a very easy way. Just adjust your lifestyle a little. And don’t forget to exercise your brain often.

Philophobia: Fear of falling in love

Philophobia: Fear of falling in love .Symptoms of people who are afraid of love to the extreme. Love is not always beautiful to everyone. Especially people with philophobia or the fear of falling in love. Who hardly wants to know love at all and even though it’s just a shaking feeling that many say it hurts the heart of death. But for patients with philophobia, they want to take their hearts away from this feeling.

What is philophobia?

Philophobia or the fear of falling in love is simply called the fear of love. According to statistics, among all types of phobias, philophobia ranks among the most common phobias. Which from the analysis of these psychologists, assumed that the triggers for the fear of love may be related to something close to you. As a result patients with philophobia try to escape the feeling of love or do not want to be close to a special feeling with someone seriously at all. And even if there is a special feeling with someone but in the end they often do not dare to open up to love due to some reason.

Philophobia can be caused by what?

Philophobia or the fear of falling in love, is a specific type of phobia. The cause of the disease and its symptoms may be from the following factors.

1. A negative event that has been deeply ingrained since childhood.

Especially if growing up in a family that is divorced, parents close to you, have a negative love life, such as fighting and fighting with each other. Or showing violence against each other often, etc.

2. A culture, tradition, or religion that has strict prohibitions on love.

Some religions, cultures, or traditions may have restrictions or rules to be aware of if a man and a woman will love or show love for each other. This may create a feeling of fear deeply ingrained in some people. As a result they do not want to take the risk of being in love.

3. Experiencing love that fails over and over again.

Especially with people who have experienced a deep heartbreak, disappointment, the pain arising from the actions of the former loved ones. The past will haunt you and feel so hurt that you don’t dare to try your own heart and risk it again. Which may cause excessive caution and don’t dare to have another love again.

Anyone who has many of the symptoms below is considered to be philophobia. Let’s check together.

1. You are worried every time you start a romantic relationship. Or even know your own heart that starts to shake. And not able to tolerate that feeling that it may cause stress.

2. Often restraining one’s own heart from going deep into the feeling of love. Kind of too serious.

3. They tend to avoid places that people love to date, such as parks or movie theaters.

4. Like being alone, seems to love solitude. But actually it is to prevent yourself from meeting with people who you may fall in love with.

5. Not open-minded, does not allow anyone to make love.

6. Often assess the feelings of those close to you as being sincere. Or how much do you love yourself and then decide to convey the same level of feeling back. Because of fear that if you love yourself or be more sincere with others can lead to disappointment.

7. When faced with a sweet situation or getting flirted. Physical symptoms may include sweating, crying, palpitations, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, numbness, hands-feet, vomiting, or fainting.

What stage should you see a psychiatrist?

In some patients who have a rather severe fear it can have an impact on our daily life, for example, becoming sober, preoccupied with being self-depressed and away from society. These traits can cause stress and can affect your health.

So if you know yourself that you are at a serious risk of philophobia, you might want to consult a psychiatrist to find a solution together for a while.

However, philophobia is not a serious mental disorder or danger to those around you. But it is a psychiatric symptom that should be addressed. Because it may affect the patient’s feelings, mental state, and physical health. So if you find yourself suffering from philophobia, don’t be silent. Make time to see a psychiatrist right away.

How to deal with post-series depression

How to deal with post-series depression

How to deal with post-series depression .Who has ever felt sad after watching the series ended? Is this type of symptom called Post-Series Depression (PSD) or is it sad when the series is over? Let’s get to know more about Post-Series Depression (PSD).

What is Post-Series Depression (PSD)?

Post-Series Depression (PSD) is a sad syndrome when a series or movie is over. Post-Series Depression (PSD) not classified as a medical disorder or syndrome yet. It is just a feeling that only occurs at a time. And is a feeling that we can manage to disappear by ourselves. Without having to rely on medical treatment at all.

Many of you may be wondering the same feeling of sadness and sadness that arose after watching the series. Even though the series did not end in a happy ending, it was not sad, it was not even a heavy drama how did that noise happen?

For this point it was assumed that Post-Series Depression (PSD) might arise during the viewing of the series or read a long novel. The body will continually emit messages of happiness. But when the series or novel is finished reading. Both the enjoyment, fun, and happiness messages secreted by the brain may be reduced altogether which makes us feel lonely. Causing a feeling of emptiness lighten up.

What are the symptoms of Post-Series Depression (PSD)?

You can notice yourself that after watching the series or finished reading a novel are you like this?

– Feeling frightened, lonely, in a strange surprise.

– Secretly sad with a character in an unrequited story even if you keep thinking of it.

– Feeling nothing to do, feeling so empty that sometimes even shed tears.

Feeling bored, wanting to turn on the TV, and feeling nothing to watch.

– Have emotional neutrals like a broken heart.

It is believed that many people also have unexplained sadness. In which if there is the above mood we come to our senses and turn the situation back to the same.

As we said that the mental fall after the series ended. Or feeling sad after reading a long novel is a symptom that we can manage by ourselves. Which may use the method as follows.

– If you do not want to feel sad when the series is over. You may need some space to watch a series or read novels. Try not to watch it all at once or read a novel to finish at once. So that we do not feel too attached to what is viewed or read.

– Find other activities to stop thinking about the end of the series or movie.

– Going out to meet friends, spend your time with other people as usual.

– Looking for a new series or a new novel to read.

– Focus on reality and try to be conscious of everything that you are doing as much as you can.

– If you still feel the end of the story. Let’s go back and watch the series loop again or read a book again.

– Find a friend of the same type to talk about the series you watched. If we share what we think we feel with other people. It may help alleviate feelings of sadness and loneliness.

If you try all of the above methods and still not feel better. Or having symptoms of sadness, insomnia, unable to eat or unable to work. We recommend you to see a psychiatrist or talk to a psychologist. And try not to get too addicted to the series again because it can affect your health.

A way to deal with self-hate

A way to deal with self-hate

A way to deal with self-hate .If you feel “hating yourself” what should you do? “I hate myself”, “I don’t like myself at all”. These words often come up when we have something bad. Or some people feel that they have no value at all. What should you do if you encounter an event like this? Today we will get to understand it from a psychological perspective properly.

Hate is a human emotion and feeling. It is natural that can happen even with yourself.

The starting point may come from many things, such as keeping the words of others to think of jealousy and unrequited feelings, doing something and not what you think, doing something wrong and keep thinking.

All these factors or all these bad things can make us feel hate and feel bad about ourselves. You should try to check yourself through 4 simple questions whether you feel bad about yourself or not.

– See that life will not be successful.

– Have negative thoughts.

– Feeling that you are always a failure.

– Low self esteem.

If anyone feels the above don’t panic or be sad try out this method then

1. Take note.

Before the end of the day, try to think about the things that happened today. Write down your feelings; what makes us hate ourselves today? Is there something good going on? Let us learn and let the thoughts in the head come out to be a clearer picture. As we see more of the pictures, we know what we should avoid. Or put yourself with something to reduce your hatred and make yourself happy.

2. Fight with your own negative thoughts.

Don’t always be positive but must not be discouraged with negative thoughts all the time. The easiest way is when a voice in your head comes up saying you hate yourself

Try shouting out loud and saying it’s not true. Don’t be discouraged by what happened. How we respond to feelings like this will help us feel more courageous.

3. Practice speaking positively for yourself.

When we are brave enough to fight negative thoughts of ourselves, we begin to practice positive self-talk. Try writing down things that make you love yourself, such as foods that you like, pets, and then look at what you write every day, saying your name will make you feel better.

4. Spend time with the people who make us happy.

People are often the main reason why we feel good and feel bad. Should be spending time with the people we are already happy with. Studies have shown that our mental health is related to those around them. When we are with loved ones or people with positive energy, we tend to be happier.

Therefore put yourself in the right place. Spend time doing activities with people who make you happy.

If you try everything and you still don’t feel better and still feel that feeling like this is still affecting your life. It is best to recommend that you consult a specialist for advice on how to resolve the problem correctly, whether it is a psychologist or you may try calling a mental health hotline first.

5 ways to improve your mental health on the suffering day

5 ways to improve your mental health on the suffering day

5 ways to improve your mental health on the suffering day .Our Thai society today is full of chaos. Many people have to face all kinds of problems gradually. Which all affect physical and mental health both directly – indirectly.

Cause both suffering, stress, depression, anxiety, etc. If you ignore and keep this feeling with you, it is definitely not a good result. We better clear those suffering away from us. Here are some tricks to clear up your mind.

1. Practice meditation.

Many times we feel uncomfortable because we get stuck in a loop of certain thoughts or stories. One of the ways that can help get rid of thoughts that have a negative effect on the state of mind is meditation which helps stop all the messy mind. Meditation can help calm your mind.

Thoughts that will make us feel uncomfortable and depress the mind. So we can easily let it go.

2. Listen to your favorite songs.

Many people have probably heard that people who are upset often enjoy listening to music which is correct. Listening to music can help relax our minds. Even if it’s a song that we like when we listen to the music, our emotions are enchanted by the melodies or lyrics.

And from the down feeling your mental health will begin to improve again.

3. Let go of your suffering in a letter in a diary.

The easiest way to let go of the suffering that clings to your mind and keep it in mind is to write it down in diary writing. In addition to helping us to release various suffering that comes to mind through the letters. We still have a chance to gradually sit back and reflect on the suffering we are going through. Which may give you the ability to see the solution to the problem.

4. Talk to your close people.

On the day of distress depressed mental health. It is better to have someone by your side to discuss what you are going through now. It is a good way to help heal your suffering. Because of the various problems encountered if kept and hidden with yourself in a long day, it will only be even more frustrating.

So it is better to talk to someone. Sometimes it may be good words of consolation and a solution to an angle that we might not have imagined before.

5. Train yourself to be an optimist.

Optimism is not just to create happiness for the mind. But also knowing how to understandably look at problems that come into life.

Using the principle of reasoning rather than just using emotions as the culprits of problems. Making us more prepared to cope with suffering.

If anyone is facing the problem of suffering Try to turn your attention to the end of suffering and find a solution for your life with 5 methods that we recommend. We guarantee this will help promote better mental health, help reduce stress and make you come back to enjoy life again for sure.

Understanding the fear of being alone

Understanding the fear of being alone .Actually, the moment when we are alone or do something alone is like a small private space that many people are comfortable with and would love to have some. But on the other hand many people feel that being alone makes them feel lonely or even some people feel scared.

The fear of being alone (autophobia / monophobia) is the fear of being alone regardless of the place even in a usually comfortable place. Some people staying in the home themselves can cause this symptom with severe anxiety and feel insecure. Or they want someone to be with them all the time.

Actually, the word “alone” in the meaning of each person is not the same. We may be afraid of being alone without someone. (Which may be someone we are very close to and trust) or fear not being with anyone.

In addition, there is also a matter of distance between ourselves and other people. For example, we may be okay with having people within the same area. We are on the second floor and then there are people downstairs. But with some people, it would like to have someone nearby within the same room or in the distance that the eye can see.

Symptoms of autophobia / monophobia.

  • Fear of thieves / thieves.
  • Fear of strangers.
  • Fear not to be loved.
  • Fear of being abandoned or unwanted.
  • Fear of suddenly getting some kind of disease.
  • Afraid of strange noises that can’t be explained or hear something unexpected.

Symptoms of the fear of being alone

  • Feeling very anxious when you’re alone.
  • Afraid that something unexpected will happen.
  • Shaking, palpitations, sweating, lightheadedness, dizziness, and nausea. When alone or in a situation where you know you are going to be alone.
  • There is a very fearful feeling when you know you have to be alone.
  • Feel like escaping from that place.
What is the cause of Fear of being alone?

What is the cause of Fear of being alone?

Autophobia / Monophobia or fear of being alone is just like any other phobia, we can’t figure out a specific reason. But it often comes from having a bad experience, such as the fear of being abandoned by a parent’s divorce or the death of a family member. In addition, it may happen with the people who have been in a dreadful situation which causes them to remember until it becomes a fear.

How different between fear of being alone and loneliness?

Loneliness is a negative feeling. That may be due to the fact that we rarely talk to anyone or do nothing. Which we may feel lonely in spite of someone to live with. But the fear of being alone it will be misery and anxiety every time you know you have to be alone. Or no one you can trust.

Therefore, the fear of being alone is completely different from loneliness. When we feel lonely just try to find something you like to do or try to call a friend and you will immediately feel better. It is a symptom that occurs for a short time and then disappears. But the fear of being alone we will feel very unhappy every time there is no other person with you until unable to do anything. We feel paranoid and fear all the time. Which may be one of the causes of depression. It is recommended to see a specialist doctor such as a psychiatrist. It will solve the problem more precisely.

Your mind is really important for your health too. So don’t forget to check on yourself more often. And if you see some sign that might sound like you are having a problem with your mind. Don’t just ignore it and should go see the psychologist right away.