3 Managing sad emotions with the principle of “Resilience”

3 Managing sad emotions with the principle of “Resilience”

3 Managing sad emotions with the principle of “Resilience”- In the increasingly severe and debilitating COVID-19 situation every day. Psychological skills in managing your sad emotions are essential. Because many people have to face disappointment, such as being postponed for COVID-19 vaccinations, being fired from their jobs. unable to travel back to family in upcountry or facing sadness, such as being infected with COVID-19, losing someone close to you from COVID-19

The stories of the three examples show that in this critical situation, Resilience is very important and necessary. 3 Managing sad emotions with the principle of “Resilience” as follows:

1. Building self-confidence (Self-confidence) can be done by Self

Practice what you like Something that you are good at until you are proficient, such as if you like to cook You can enhance your skills by watching YouTube clips or jotting down tips from a cooking show. You can develop the formula to be your own signature.

1.1 Be sure to encourage yourself.

For example, reward yourself for accomplishing a difficult task, praising your achievements or abilities. to feel that we are good and is capable enough to overcome various obstacles

1.2. Talk to someone you are close to.

Sharing positive and negative stories with people we trust can help us feel at ease. and see yourself in a more positive way

2. Building self-esteem (Self – esteem) can be done

2.1 Be aware of your own thoughts and feelings

Be conscious of how we feel when we are in this situation. What are your thoughts? when we are aware of our thoughts and feelings We will be able to control our expressions appropriately.

2.2 Respect yourself and others

Start with things that are close to you, such as listening to other people’s opinions. believe in one’s own abilities Do not make yourself and others suffer, etc.

2.3 Look for a good role model

Whether it’s our parents, teachers, bosses, or people we’ve been impressed with and learned from them. to apply it to our lives.

3. Having a good idea about yourself (Self – concept) in a good way.

3.1 Turn off our automated behavior

stop judging others Stop talking or shaming others in a bad way and open your ears, open your eyes, open your mind to learn things from the people around you, which will be able to help us see ourselves clearly from learning things.

3.2 Reduce prejudice against people and situations

When we look at everything objectively, we don’t judge, don’t put our feelings into it. We will be able to learn the world more deeply.

3.3 Learn from your own and others’ mistakes

good learning In addition to learning through doing it yourself. We can also learn through the actions of experienced people. like the three exemplars beside him It is a good teacher in rehabilitating the mind (Resilience) very well.