5 ways to fill your life with happiness with dreams

5 ways to fill your life with happiness with dreams psychological Dreams are directly related to happiness. from research in psychology The story of creating happiness with positive psychology by Kaen Mui Jeen found that when people can follow their dreams or what we want to achieve we will feel happy feel self worth have pride in yourself and also stated that one element of happiness is to have goals in life or having a dream

So keeping the Passion of your dreams or building a commitment to follow your dreams. It is very important for happiness in our life. Therefore, we would like to bring to you 5 ways to fill your life with happiness with dreams

Make Your Dreams Clear

By transforming the dreams in your heart into concrete, tangible, for example, if you dream of becoming a dessert chef. You can make your dreams come true by researching desserts. Taking a baking course Learn recipes or techniques from moms, grandmothers, grandmothers and make your dreams bigger by sharing our sweet treats with people to taste. And continue to improve the formula until it is our signature.

2. Make a plan to make your dreams come true.

For example, Kiesenhofer, our role model, even a professor at a university. But he hasn’t given up on his dream of becoming an Olympic cyclist. By searching for information and competing in programs that can make dreams come true. That is to compete in the Time Trial until he was able to win the race and Got a quota to compete in the Olympics until finally got a gold medal

3. Develop the skills needed to follow your dreams.

If you have a dream but not practicing skills to make dreams come true, such as wanting to be a singer Even though the voice does not give, but the heart loves or want to be an ambassador but the language is not no cultural knowledge If we dream but do not develop ourselves We can only dream But if we are determined, determined, and have Passion to make our dreams come true Then develop yourself, such as learning to sing, learn languages, find information on social and cultural aspects of the world. It helps us get closer to our dreams

4. Believe in yourself

Even if the real you is shy But in the pursuit of dreams It is something that we must use courage to overcome fear in my heart. And the core that we use to overcome ourselves is self-confidence. For example, the contestant of The voice Thailand 2019, my favorite is Nong Opal. Her normal personality is shy. But when singing on time The younger sister will sit and play the good guitar, close her eyes and release the power of the sound that she listens to and is enchanted. That shows that you have enough confidence in yourself to enter the contest. and follow your own dreams

5. Bring yourself to experience the atmosphere of dreams.

Many song contestants Take an inspirational approach Or awaken the courage to follow their dreams through watching the performances of previous year’s contestants, many of whom pushed themselves to dare to follow their dreams that day. Has become an inspiration for many people today. Because of bringing myself to experience the atmosphere of dreams, sure enough.

According to a theory of psychology known as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, our dreams are fulfilled. It is a pathway to the highest order of human needs. also known as As Maslow said, the greatest happiness in life that makes us complete is to become what we want to be.