Quick and easy ways to relieve stress

ref pic : study365.co.uk/quick-and-easy-ways-to-relieve-stress/

Quick and easy ways to relieve stress . Whether children, teenagers, young people or even at any age, there is no way to escape stress. Especially middle aged people who have to work hard every day. They were so stressed and depressed all day. Sometimes stress accumulates and it results in concentrate lost. And the longer you keep it, the more negative effects on your physical and mental health it will be. But how to relieve stress, don’t worry today we have a simple way to relieve stress that can relieve stress.


Believe it or not, a smile can make you less stressful. The University of Wisconsin has found that botox injections are less likely to be frustrated because they are unable to express anger. But we are not recommending you to get a botox injection. Just smiling at every situation it will help you to relieve stress.

Warming hands.

When people feel fear or anxiety the nervous system keeps blood flowing to the larger muscles. It is our survival instinct but this altered blood flow also made the hands cool. Therefore, warming your hands can be a great way to reduce stress. Because when your hands warm up, it will give signals to your brain that you are fine and can calm you down. Neuroscientists revealed that when our hands are warm the nervous system stops the body’s response in fight or flight mode that makes the body return to normal.


Spending out some money during stressful periods can make it even more stressful. But if you can’t wait to waste your money we offer you a better way then. Instead of spending money for shopping, donate money to the people in need or a charity.

Eating whole grain.

Elizabeth Somer, nutritionist and owner of Eat Your Way to Sexy, reveals that if you’re upset try to find a high-carb grain snack to eat which will improve your mood in just half an hour. Because carbohydrates will help increase blood sugar levels. It will make your body produce more of the serotonin. This hormone is associated with increasing your happiness and calm mood until the stress in the body is reduced.

Be close to the soil.

Some bacteria in the soil can help increase the amount of serotonin in the body. It can reduce anxiety and increase concentration. These bacteria will give us a bad smell when digging in the ground. So if you are stressed out, pick up gardening tools and go gardening.

Hug yourself.

Researchers at the University of Texas, Kristin Neff, revealed that tight hugs can help the body release oxytocin and chemicals that improve our mood. You don’t have to find someone to hug to get you in a good mood but we can do it ourselves then.


We may have heard that taking a deep breath can help relieve stress. Because when you exhale your heart rate slows down. Take three long breaths and exhale, you will be more comfortable.


Believe it or not, just two minutes of exercise can help to improve your mood. And can also help raise the level of the norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin, which all three substances have the effect of reducing stress.

Relax the brain.

If the next time you get stressed and can’t think of anything and if you feel a headache, try some simple methods to relax your brain. For example, taking a hot shower or listening to your favorite music. It will help you feel more relaxed.

Eat chocolate.

Eating dark chocolate can help improve your mood. Because dark chocolate contains the flavonoid, which helps improving moods. A study found that consuming just 1.4 ounces (about 40 grams) of dark chocolate on a daily basis, it can help lower your stress hormones.

Smell essential oils

There are many essential oils that help to relieve stress. One of them is a citrusy fruity scent like oranges and lemons. This will help make you feel more refreshed. By using only 15 drops of essential oils and dissolved it with water. It can help your tired body to recover miraculously.

The methods we mentioned here are all simple ones that don’t take a lot of time. But it’s better to not to stress often, because stress can have a negative effect on both physical and mental health. Keep an optimistic view of the world so that you don’t have to rely on anything to relieve your stress.