How to deal with a toxic person ?

How to deal with a toxic person stop losing your mental health because of Toxic Person. If you are in any society and you feel unhappy and there are only negative things around,

try to check if the person you are close to is a Toxic Person or someone that is toxic or not. And if you have to be with people like this for a long time, whether at work or home how should we deal with ourselves? Let’s try to find a solution together then.

Toxic Person

What kind of person is Toxic Person?

If you meet someone with a habit or an idea like this … Well, yes. They are the real Toxic Person. 

1. Always be pessimistic.

Their view of the things around them will turn out to be all terrible. Regardless of whether someone has done great they still give a negative thought. Staying with people like this for a long time will give you stress, suspicion, and worries about everything.

2. Never admitting wrong and always thinking that they are right.

Toxic Person never sees their own mistakes. Or if you see it, they will always blame someone else’s fault.

3. Not trying to understand other people but prefers to judge others in their own way

Even though they didn’t know others well enough but they will judge people on their own angle. It can be said that there is no respect for other people for toxic people.

4. Always selfish

They are ready to eject themselves from a risky situation regardless of what the other person is like.

5. Asking for help all the time.

Even though it is a work of their own responsibility, they often persuade others to help them out.

6. Always put pressure on others.

People like this tend to expect us to be good enough so they can use us. And if you are not as good as they expect they will curse you then.

7. You can’t always rely on

They are always dependent on other people. But no one can ask for help from them. 

How to deal with a toxic person if you have a Toxic Person at work or at home, try to find a way to survive from a toxic person.

  • Stay away from these people or not try to get close to them too much.
  • Do not tell them or let them know too much about your personal matters.
  • Just ignore them, even if you get bothered, let it go. Do not keep it in your mind.
  • Do not just believe what they say and find the truth first.
  • Be strong, do not feel down.
  • Try to understand why they do that and if you can forgive, then forgive so that you don’t have to think too much.
  • Try talking to him for a reason or if you have to respond, be patient as much as possible
  • Try to look for good angles around you, don’t let yourself become obsessed with bad thoughts.
  • Open up to talk to the Toxic Person honestly, because they may not be aware that they have a toxic habit with those around them. So let them know how to adjust in order to live together in peace.

We may not be able to change anyone. But do not forget that we ourselves have the right to live in this society the way we want to be as well.

So if you meet someone who is a Toxic Person, try to find a solution together. Or if in the end, you still face the emotional and mental burden of them. So try to see if you can cut them out of our life. If so, don’t hesitate to do that. Otherwise you will lose your mental health in vain.