How to deal with post-series depression

How to deal with post-series depression

How to deal with post-series depression .Who has ever felt sad after watching the series ended? Is this type of symptom called Post-Series Depression (PSD) or is it sad when the series is over? Let’s get to know more about Post-Series Depression (PSD).

What is Post-Series Depression (PSD)?

Post-Series Depression (PSD) is a sad syndrome when a series or movie is over. Post-Series Depression (PSD) not classified as a medical disorder or syndrome yet. It is just a feeling that only occurs at a time. And is a feeling that we can manage to disappear by ourselves. Without having to rely on medical treatment at all.

Many of you may be wondering the same feeling of sadness and sadness that arose after watching the series. Even though the series did not end in a happy ending, it was not sad, it was not even a heavy drama how did that noise happen?

For this point it was assumed that Post-Series Depression (PSD) might arise during the viewing of the series or read a long novel. The body will continually emit messages of happiness. But when the series or novel is finished reading. Both the enjoyment, fun, and happiness messages secreted by the brain may be reduced altogether which makes us feel lonely. Causing a feeling of emptiness lighten up.

What are the symptoms of Post-Series Depression (PSD)?

You can notice yourself that after watching the series or finished reading a novel are you like this?

– Feeling frightened, lonely, in a strange surprise.

– Secretly sad with a character in an unrequited story even if you keep thinking of it.

– Feeling nothing to do, feeling so empty that sometimes even shed tears.

Feeling bored, wanting to turn on the TV, and feeling nothing to watch.

– Have emotional neutrals like a broken heart.

It is believed that many people also have unexplained sadness. In which if there is the above mood we come to our senses and turn the situation back to the same.

As we said that the mental fall after the series ended. Or feeling sad after reading a long novel is a symptom that we can manage by ourselves. Which may use the method as follows.

– If you do not want to feel sad when the series is over. You may need some space to watch a series or read novels. Try not to watch it all at once or read a novel to finish at once. So that we do not feel too attached to what is viewed or read.

– Find other activities to stop thinking about the end of the series or movie.

– Going out to meet friends, spend your time with other people as usual.

– Looking for a new series or a new novel to read.

– Focus on reality and try to be conscious of everything that you are doing as much as you can.

– If you still feel the end of the story. Let’s go back and watch the series loop again or read a book again.

– Find a friend of the same type to talk about the series you watched. If we share what we think we feel with other people. It may help alleviate feelings of sadness and loneliness.

If you try all of the above methods and still not feel better. Or having symptoms of sadness, insomnia, unable to eat or unable to work. We recommend you to see a psychiatrist or talk to a psychologist. And try not to get too addicted to the series again because it can affect your health.