life to happiness ,Ideas to turn your life to happiness

life to happiness
life to happiness

life to happiness that you are looking for. How long has it been that we have forgotten to return to ourselves? Come back to take care of yourself take care of our minds, pay attention to ourselves, know what we really need most.

Are you one of those people who do everything, keep busy everyday, work hard to make everyone around you happy? But forgetting to look back to see if you are really happy now or not, Do you see value in yourself?

This is important for you to learn to pass on good things.


life to happiness is a normal part of life if we are not happy,

that is a sign that something is wrong and that

5 Mindset is something that will make you happier before continue to do good things.

1. Faith and value in yourself.

The thing that can tell whether you love yourself or not is we have faith and value in ourselves.

Which is very important to stand up for yourself In a world that is open to society

when many people stood up to create identity, celebrities that we may not know.

Mobile screen that we scroll up, scroll down every day there are many stories that touch our hearts and stimulate our desire.

While people come out to share success day-to-day We may have an unconscious comparison.

This makes it easy for people to suffer.

Many times, external flows of things also shake your personality.

That is why every day you must be mindful of being aware of how to return to yourself.

In order to know who you really are. 

2. Do not compare yourself with others.

People who love themselves will see value in themselves. See the hidden beauty in yourself, know that you have advantages in your own way.

Do not waste your time compare yourself to other people, it can cause suffering for yourselves. Understand that people are different in themselves.

Ready to be happy with other people. Pleased with the achievements of others. 

3. Living with the right things, the right people, and the right environment.

People who love themselves will know that they should live with the right things, the right people, the right environment. The fact that if we are living with good things it will make us happier.

Feel that life is more valuable,

this also affects the body. Both our inner cells will sense happiness. Substances of happiness will be released, including Dopamine, a hormone of good feelings.

That stimulates us to do what we like. Oxytocin is the hormone of relationship that helps us to create bonds between us and those around us.

Serotonin is a hormone of specialties that make us feel important. And Endorphin is a crazy hormone that helps us from the pain of the body. 

4. Know that you are worthy of good things.

Everyone is born to receive good things. This world has plenty of space and resources for us to receive all good things if we believe that we are worthy of good things, we will seek good things.

In order for us to receive good things and then our lives will be in a good place, people, the environment will be full of good people.

Our quality of life will improve.

The atmosphere around us will be full of happy and good things, good opportunities will follow.


5. Know how to love other people and give good things to others.

When we love ourselves with all our heart.

When we know our own values we will want to pass on good things for others to be as happy as us.

Because people who love themselves tend to want others to be happy too.

And like to share in order to spread it to oneself with good things.

When we love ourselves many good things will follow. 


From now on, you will love yourself with all your heart.

Whenever we feel tired let us return to ourselves

return to love ourselves come back to see our value.

Fully charge the battery to your lungs and come back to fight again.

credit : จีคลับ