10 good lessons learned from mistakes

Mistakes bring regrets and disappointments to our feelings. But if we can overcome those feelings we will always get good lessons and positive thoughts in life. Good lessons from those mistakes don’t have to be a big deal but it’s a normal thing that is hidden in our daily lives for this reason, we would like to raise 10 good lessons from mistakes that we shouldn’t miss to learn together.

10 good lessons learned from mistakes

1. Getting up late is a loss.

Many people may think that getting up late is normal. But waking up slower than others gives us less time to plan our day’s goals, like many global CEOs even they have lot of meetings and works, but they are well managed time by waking up early to exercise, drink coffee, follow the news. Set goals to waking up early is the most profitable investment in life.

2. The print media is not out date yet.

Even though we live in the age of the Internet, rejecting the entire offline world is probably too early decision. Especially the print media that the new generation may think is unnecessary. But one thing that makes print media different and persist is the ability to analyze content from a columnist that is profound and different from content on the Internet without scrutiny. 

10 good lessons learned from mistakes

3. Travel is a lesson that can not taught

We may find a lot of knowledge from reading. But in terms of experience, traveling is the answer to add new perspectives, knowledge and precautions, especially to young people who have the time and energy that other people don’t have – a significant cost to create an advantage that is out to face the world to learn new lessons that are not taught in the classroom.

4. Easily angry, is such a waste of time.

Emotional control is a problem for modern people who are constantly stimulated by technology that is stimulating. Anger can occur in 1 minute, but it takes at least 6 hours to get over it. So be patient be calm and cool.

10 good lessons learned from mistakes

5. Without financial plans there is no chance of victory.

It is undeniable that we live in a capitalist era which ‘money’ is an important variable and an index of the wealth of life. Money is what we need to find to spend to improve the quality of life. But we have to plan spending and savings for ourselves. To be used for further investment we can increase the chances of life for some extent. We can manage income and expenses well for the future.

6. Foreign languages ​​are visas of life

Even if saying that using a foreign language will making you shy and no confident every time when speaking a foreign language incorrectly with a native speaker. But believe me, using courage to start practicing today Will definitely benefit the day ahead. Because foreign languages ​​will be a way to open up your life to find something new.


7. Not taking notes, forgetting the past

Not taking notes is the beginning of forgetting important details in life. Especially the expense record if we want to check the expenses that are missing expense recording gives us a detailed view and overview of spending habits that need to be improved and corrected before it’s too late.

8. Failing the exam is the way to learn disappointment.

Failing or failing the university entrance examination will causes us disappointment. But if looking from another angle it give us the opportunity to choose the faculty that we likes. Disappointments will help to strengthen our emotional experiences so that we are able to cope with unexpected events or disappointments that have occurred in certain parts of life in a strong way


9.Unhealthy mean poor.

The body is an important component of driving dreams into reality. Health care is a way that we must pay attention to, both eating, sleeping and shifting. To balance together.

10. Selfishness is closing opportunities.

Frequent selfishness will make you lose sight of opportunities and ways going forward of life. If you was too concerned about your own needs And make life truly unaware of the word ‘giving’. In fact, being a giver is the starting point of accepting many opportunities and good things to come into life.

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Now you will have some idea that the mistakes you make can be a good reason to you to learn to improve yourself to be a better one.