Tips for happier days

Tips for happier days

Tips for happier days .True that life must have both the sweet and bitter mix. But do you know that you can force yourself to be a hundred percent happiness if you try! It all happens if we intend to enjoy life, and of course this course, if you practice it, it will be more valuable than gold from psychological techniques. And the body’s scientific mechanism that helps us to be happy.

1. Learn to say “Thank you”

When we thanks to someone or even thanks for something. It will make us focus more on the positive aspects of life. This pleasant memory leads to the production of serotonin in the anterior part of the cerebral cortex. CINGULATE CORTEX. This technique is also often use to treat depression.

2. Solve problems one by one

When we worry, we should find the cause of it. That is another hard work of the brain. That consumes a lot of energy Therefore, whenever the brain is tired and the problem is not resolve. We will feel anxious and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, when we have successful decisions Our brain will reward ourselves with neurotransmitters. (NEUROTRANSMITTERS) that helps the limbic system calm down. And helps us to look at the world again brightly. Therefore, we should try to deal with the problems one by one at a time.

Tips for happier days

3. Don’t keep the problem alone. Try to write it out.

When we encounter problems that make us uncomfortable try writing instead of speaking. Writing it out will allow us to use many parts of the brain. Causing our bad emotions to decrease. So don’t keep the problem inside. Whenever we release the problems our brain produces serotonin and helps us to find positive aspects of the situation.

4. Touching and embracing

For humans, social interaction is very important. Which we can do in many forms. Especially with touch and embrace. Which can help accelerate our recovery after getting sick. But if we do not interact with anyone by not touching at all. The brain recognizes the lack in the same way that it feels physical pain. Causing the brain to be stimulate in the same area as when receiving pain. It affects our emotions and also leads to the development of depression.

Tips for happier days

5. Let’s start learning new things again.

For that brain gaining new knowledge means adapting to a changing environment. This process, our brain will develop. And also rewarding our own efforts with the so-call “Hormones of Happiness” or Dopamine. If you want to be happy, don’t be afraid to try something new. Try changing the environment to learn new things.

6. Play sports

Exercise is not only good for health. It also has a big impact on our emotions as well. Notice that we will feel better after sweating. That is because the reward receive from exercise is an endorphin substance that is released from the pituitary gland. Has similar effects to opium to helps reduce pain and improve mood.

7.  Get enough sleep

While we sleep our body releases melatonin hormones. This hormone slows down all systems in the body. Helps to repair the body and increase the level of serotonin in the hypothalamus brain. If the brain detects changes in light, it will cause the brain to release stress hormones to stimulate the body to wake up quickly, so it’s important to sleep 6-8 hours a day and especially in a dark enough room.

8. Happiness from Expectations

Have you ever been happy about waiting for something you like, want, or exciting? For example, waiting to have a delicious meal. This is another process that our brains will experience when we expect something in return. Is the reason that we like to count the time and look forward to some special moments. Whether it’s a birthday or a wedding Meeting friends or just ending a long work day.

This is just some Tips for happier days for you to have an idea to giving yourself some more happiness. So, use those Tips for happier days wisely. It will definitely make your life batter for sure.

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