How to stand up and fight again in a stronger version

How to stand up and fight again

How to stand up and fight again in a stronger version . Someone once said that “The problem will make us stronger.” I believe that. In our lives there are big problems. Lots of things, such as not success in love, financial issues, health problems, lost your loved ones, divorce issues, problems with work and many more.

Each person takes the time to overcome that problem. Some people don’t take that long and can change the attitude of looking at the world. And learn to managing life better. That means that “The problem will make us stronger”. But some people take years caught up in the problem and have a suffering life with that problem.

Have you ever wondered how are these two groups different? And in which group of people do we want to be? And if we want to be the one that stronger from any skills or cognitive problems what do we need to know?

Resilience The ability to return to a normal life after going through the problem. Which is one skill that we can create. It is an important skill that will allow us to overcome various problems and return to a normal life again.

Here is interesting strategies for creating resilience skills. How to stand up and fight again .

How to stand up and fight again

1. Stop the negative thought cycle

Often when we encounter problems we will worry about the pessimistic results that will occur. Sitting around thinking about what have we done wrong in the past? How do we fix it? Will this happen again in the future? We think that if we can find the answer then we can handle that problem. But in truth we are caught up in the whirlwind of our own negative thoughts. Instead of getting up to deal with something and moving forward.

The question is, how do we stop negative thoughts?

In the article it suggesting that exercise or going out to do other activities that beneficial to ourselves will help us get out of this negative thinking cycle. Or even meditating to know what we are thinking about. And when that idea arises, be aware of that idea not garnish.

2. Ask questions about recalling the worst possible outcomes.

Thinking of the worst results that can occur it may help in planning to manage life if that happens. For example, if we are unemployed, we may think that we will never be successful in life again. Which is often the worst result.

Another method of management is think of the most optimistic outcomes that may occur. For example, we may get a better job. And always touch the things we put on us every time we start thinking about bad results. Tell yourself that good results will occur as well. 

After we handle our negative thoughts, we are able to do challenges. Or take action to create the results you want more than just sitting on negative thoughts.

3. Overcome fear of failure

Fear of failure is something that many people fear. Another way to manage fear of failure is you have to look at the events that occur. It is a challenge that we can overcome. Instead of what we fear, we have to fight with it.

Just changing your perspective it helps us to cope with fear a lot. For example, we are afraid of being alone. We may look back in the past that In the past, we were all alone happily. And next, think about good stories that will happen to be alone, such as more freedom to think, follow your dreams. The opportunity to meet new people etc.

How to stand up and fight again

4. Find the merits of past challenges or failures.

Of course, if we still feel sorry for the incident it hard for us to see the advantages. Or what we have learned from it.

Think back to what we go through and we can benefit and learn about it, such as the mistake of using emotions and decide too soon. We also learned to manage our emotions more and think more carefully etc.

Try asking these questions to yourself. In order to find advantages and learn from what is happening.

Will it have any advantages from this incident that has occurred?
What did you learn more than before? Before this happens.
How can you grow and be a better person? With the incident.

5. Look at the incident as third party.

If we are caught up in our own problems. It’s hard to see the real reason. Trying to stand out and look at your own problems like a third party. And ask yourself the following questions. Will help you deal with the problem better.

From another person’s perspective,

  • Do you understand that, What disappointed you and made you sad?
  • Do you understand that, What does the other person think?
  • How do you look at this event?
  • Does their view difference from you or not.

6. Remember that no matter what happen, it will pass.

Try to ask these questions to yourself. In order to see what will happen in the future instead of sitting on the problem. Or if you can’t remember try to look back at the old problems in the past and answer these questions.

What will you do next 5 years?
How will you spend your time.
How will you feel.

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7. Look for advantages from what’s happening

Such as unrequited love. The advantage is that we get to know ourselves better. And learn to love yourself more, for example, or causing problems in life. Makes us talk and build good relationships with people who are more meaningful to us, etc.

8. Watch inspiring movies

Sometimes when we get caught up in problems we may not see the advantages. Or useful to what is happening to us. Let us try to find a good movie to learn from the stories of those characters to have an inspiration How to stand up and fight again.

 9. Facing fear

For example, if we have financial problems we may not want to look at the numbers in the account. Don’t want to look at the numbers of credit card debt. Instead of escaping the problem, which we have no way to escape Let us face it and manage it consciously.

10. Use negative feelings to be useful in life.

Such as anger, feeling hurt it may be the motivation for us to learn How to stand up and fight again get and do good things in life, which is a very strong energy too.

We can’t choose what will happen to our lives. But we can learn How to stand up and fight again and we can choose to respond to various events and to use our best lives.