Secrets for dealing with bosses

Secrets for dealing with bosses

Secrets for dealing with bosses .The World Economic Forum research shows that increase employee stress mainly due to a bad relationship with the supervisor. If we encountering a bad supervisor, we might wants to resign from that job then.

But for this economic situation. Facing a poor leader is better than being unemploy. Therefore, working with a supervisor should be more appropriate.

We here to present 7 tips for you to dealing with unexpected leaders.

Secrets for dealing with bosses

Because understanding is the heart of being together. Here is Secrets for dealing with bosses .

1. Fussy supervisor – Don’t let your emotions diminish your ability

It must be so headache if we have to work with a supervisor that fussy with everything. The first thing is that our work requires discipline. We should complete the work before the deadline. For the supervisor to check the details first. And we will have time to adjust the work before it actually submitting.

Progress in reporting and early submission. It is one solution to help smooth the relationship between you and your boss.

2. Chief of the high ego – Let the boss think that the work was because of him

The leader of the high ego will think that thier own thoughts are always correct. And feel the employee who are having a different opinions or conflicts as opponents. Causing the people who work to flatter their faces to gain the trust.

So we should offer ideas in a context that will support the supervisor too . Or in other words, allowing them to take part in our work. The important thing is for us to know ourselves and to control our emotions. Choose to battle on the advantageous arena only.

Secrets for dealing with bosses

3. Not working supervisor – A strong team have to be ready to negotiate

These types of leaders tend to approach their subordinates only when they encounter problems. Allowing subordinates to solve problems alone. While not thinking about the facts to support the correct decision. Causing many operations at times to create problems rather than solve problems.

You should gather together to talk to the leader. To adjust working methods and find suitable ways to work reduce problems in work. Focusing on work, not on the individual, is the way to warn the boss about things he doesn’t know.

4. Lack of Experience – Share ideas but don’t humiliate him

It is common for ordinary people. Not even the boss who does not know everything. Because he might have move from another department or get work that they are not familiar with. Which we are as a supporter who should share experiences with them. Suggesting some useful ideas would make the boss feel more friendly with us. Or use our ability to fill the parts that the leader lacks. Don’t look down or humiliate on them. On the other hand, there are many things that the boss knows about things that we don’t know too.

5. Boss who likes numbers – Numbers are science But marketing is an art

We often encounter conflicts between marketers and accountants. The cause of the conflict arises from a different perspective. Accountants or financiers are taught to make decisions based on facts and to reference numbers. If we face with a leader who has accounting or financial background. To work with him, there must always be numbers. The propose plan, at least, requires budget estimates. Financial goals, The sales are expect to increase etc. Decisions base on numbers it’s not right or wrong. But base on the assumption that anyone is more reliable.

6. Creative head – Focus on ideas Look into concrete

A creative leader is good. But if there are too many, it is a penalty as well. Because each day there are many ideas emerging and need it to complete at a moment.

Dealing with a boss like this. We have to focus on the chief’s idea that what does the boss want in the final? Because the chief creative mechanic has a wide idea But cannot really dive into practice. Try to convince him to ask a very focused question: Want something concrete and point out possible obstacles if doing so.

But do not criticize or reject his ideas. Conforming to his ideas but pointed out to the chief that if following this would happen what would happen.

7. Things you shouldn’t do – Chief is not an enemy

Regardless of what the leader is. But do not consider him to be an enemy. If not, it would be difficult to find happiness in the workplace. Therefore, suggests that we should not confront leaders directly. Otherwise the conflict will become even more intense. And do not pretend to be a hot-headed

So this is some great tips Secrets for dealing with bosses . Hope it might useful to you and can make your working life much better and happier.

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