Toxic words you should not say

Toxic words you should not say

Toxic words you should not say .Do you know that the most common words we often talk about can become toxic? Then it may have serious consequences for life, if you do not think carefully before saying it out.

What words are that Toxic words you should not say

Let’s see together.

Toxic words you should not say

1. Excellent!

If someone talks to us once or twice with this word it consider a good way. But think about it. No matter what we do, small things, big things, some people always use the word “excellent!” to you. We will begin to doubt. If we hear this word again and again, often.

Whether or not to praise us with sincerity or not. Using multiple exaggerations makes the words become nonsense. And therefore, we don’t want to say anything to the person who likes to repeat the same words again.

Because we will feel unsure about the sincerity they had to offer. Therefore, we should use this this word in moderation. And use it with sincerity would be better.

2. Sorry

If you are often apologist Because if you likes to make a promise to other people first and think that if you can’t do it, then apologize later. This one is definitely not good. Because the listener will feel that you are a blabber.

And think that your apology is not sincerely from your heart. That may make other people see you as unreliable. And don’t want to work with you.

Therefore, it is better if we use this word when we are really wrong. And do apologize it from your heart.

Toxic words you should not say

3. Hope

This word seems innocuous. But has an incredible psychological effect. Because when you say “hope” that means you don’t have any confidence. Because of your words will order you to only “hope” but not to do anything either.

This word, in addition to affecting other people who have already heard. And can also affect your subconscious mind too. Therefore, if you want your life to move forward, stop saying “hope” then everything will be better.

4. Uh

When someone asks something, then we need time to think. Many times we can’t help but saying “uh” in order to delay the answer. Which this word does not damage anything. But it makes you look unprofessional.

It would be better if someone asks you something and you can’t answer. Just change from “Eh” to “Let me think for a moment” because when you say this sentence. Your answer will look more reliable.

5. OK

Especially if open-ended questions that want some of your comment back. And you don’t know what to answer. And the answer is just OK, or even when you use it as the closing sentence. But you use a harsh tone of voice, it definitely will not benefit you, moreover, will make people see you as a disinterested person.

Those are some example of toxic words that sometime we are using it in the wrong way. So, think carefully before you say Because if speaking wrongly, life will definitely change!

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