How to take care mind from illness

How to take care mind from illness .Stress or psychosis, neurosis including depression.

Become a disease that is increasingly known in today’s society.

Because in this globalize society.

It seems that those who do not feel stress.

And not worry are the ones who are extremely lucky.

Maintaining the state of mind to be always strong and perfect living in a human society.

You must experience both suffering and happiness mix together.

Therefore, having a strong mental health will be able to live better in society.

What is mental health?

How to take care mind from illness

Mental health is an important part of a happy life.

Promoting mental health helps to adjust in life to be useful as a study, work, society,

thoughts and emotions as normal.

Prevent mental health problems and psychiatric disorders.

Mental health problems consider as a major obstacle in living a happy society.

Mental health problems will show symptoms both mentally and physically.

Symptoms of mental health problems

How to take care mind from illness

1. physical symptoms

When the mind is stressing the autonomic nerves in the body are stimulate to function more.

Internal organs, which are direct by the autonomic nerves, are stimulate to function more.

Including the heart, blood vessels, lungs, stomach, intestines, bladder.

2. Emotional symptoms

Stress causes the mind to feel anxious, afraid, excited, uncomfortable.

Some people are depressed, frustrate, bore, easily irritate, not fun, the body is not cheerful.

Depression is often associated with severe loss or disappointment.

These uncomfortable symptoms may cause other symptoms.

Such as anorexia, insomnia, tiredness, tired easily.

3. Mental symptoms

There are thoughts changing according to emotions.

And may not think well thinking of hurting, worrying, repeat add unable to stop thinking, uncontrollable thoughts.

If there is stress and very continuous.

Therefore it will make the brain dizzy, confused, lack of concentration,

thinking, reading and memory decline.

And slow decisions, unpredictable, not self-confident.

4. Behavior may be expressed

as evasion, fear, irresponsibility and an inability to act.



Self-relaxation techniques and methods for maintaining mental health How to take care mind from illness .

1. Know and understand yourself the best.

Study the strengths, talents in yourself. To be able to use appropriately

That is based on legal validity and morality.

Accept one’s weaknesses, adapting to the environment appropriately.

And use your ability to benefit society.

Courageously confront problems.

2. Practice to making the mind fresh and clear.

Optimistic training is prudent, not impatient, easily angry,

has a sense of humor, not too serious about everything.

But should not be obsess with nonsense.

Try to practice calm the mood.

3. Practice listening to the opinions of others

And listening to reason more than emotions.

Consider issues for various reasons and information.

You shouldn’t blame yourself or others emotionally.

4. Adjust yourself to be compatible with other people.

Make yourself beloved by the people, be bountiful, sincere to others.

Happy to help and have kindness to others.

Make yourself self-interest for others and society.

Reduce selfishness.

How to take care mind from illness

5. Maintain good physical and mental health to be consistent.

Regular exercise, eat healthy food, work properly and get enough rest.

6. Finding an anchor.

Especially holding on to the teachings of the religion that they respect.

Because the teachings of the religion will induce the mind to be calm.

Cool, intellectually, not obsessed with anger in things that are not useful.

Mental health is always good.

7. When having problems or having mental stress.

We should find opportunities to relax with hobby or exercise.

It will make the mind more comfortable.

8. Practice mind management

Practice meditation, free mind is to strengthen the mind.

And can always understand yourself and improve yourself.

When there are problems in various situations.

You will be able to reasonably consider.

Therefore How to take care mind from illness learning, preparing, and practicing to face life.

You should promote all development for both physical, mental, emotional and social.

So this will develop into a good personality and good mental health as well.

And help to prevent mental health problems and happy to continue living.

Credit : GCLUB