3 wonders happiness against depression

3 wonders happiness against depression . The chemicals in the brain can greatly affect people’s thoughts, emotions, and their ability to control behaviors. Such as endorphins, a substance of happiness that everyone is familiar with. Controlling emotions, anger, and aggression. And the growth hormones that help children grow up and help adults stay young for a long time.

Actually, there are dozens of neurotransmitters in the human brain that can influence behavioral expression. And when these chemicals are in an imbalanced state, they can cause many emotional and behavioral disorders.

3 wonders happiness against depression

For example insomnia, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder etc., which today in the medical industry has synthesized many drugs. To help patients adjust chemicals in the brain quickly recover from depression.

But chemical treatment is not sustainable. Because when you stop using the drug. Then life goes back to stress and sad again. The chemicals in the brain are ready to swing into a state of imbalance at all times.

But from previous studies, it has been found that 3 wonders that can help combat depression and prevent many diseases, such as depression. By these 3 things, you will be away from depression. Therefore is something that is sustainable and very economical. Here is 3 wonders happiness against depression .

1. Exercise

3 wonders happiness against depression

Exercise encourages the body to perform various actions that are good for health, such as helping to prevent heart disease and diabetes, improving sleep and lower blood pressure.

Especially heavy exercise it helps the body to release a happy hormone called endorphin. But long-term light exercise also helps with the secretion of proteins that allow nerve cells to grow and create networks. It improves brain function and you feel better too.

In patients with depression, the hippocampus that controls the mood is usually smaller than the average person. Therefore, the neurons in this brain that are growing or working better can help reduce depression.

Currently, there is no conclusive evidence of how long or how long you will need to exercise. The nerve cells will begin to develop and reduce depression. But you should start to feel better after starting to exercise for a while (about 3 weeks).

Exercise is consider as a treatment for long-term results and cannot solve the problem immediately. Therefore, the goal of exercise is to make you feel like exercising. Whether it is to walk, run, swim, yoga or play team sports. Choose something that you like and it’s easy to keep exercising for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. Just as this, the health will improve both physically and mentally.

2. Restful sleep

3 wonders happiness against depression

Sleep is an indispensable thing for humans like us. By working age, aged 20-65 years, we should sleep 6-8 hours per day so the body will feel enough by the time that is suitable for sleep to maintain the balance of the hormones.

We should go to bed before midnight. Because it will cause the hormones that have secretion mechanisms during the time that sleep is fully release. Including melatonin hormones that help to deep sleep. Serotonin hormones that help to feel calm. Relaxing mood and growth hormone or young chemistry. Which will be shed while sleeping as deep as 11 am to 2 am only and it helps people to look younger.

Not only that, getting enough sleep each night will also help the various systems in the body work more efficiently. Feeling refresh after waking up and has the power to live life to the fullest.

It also helps to reduce the risk of becoming obese.  And make the body have a good immune system. Helps to prevent various diseases. Especially the relapse of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, stress, depression and cancer.

3. Breathe properly

Breathing brings oxygen to various organs of the body, allowing every cell to survive. But during the busy day and having to resolve various problems we tend to have shortness of breath. Muscle spasms and overused brain.

Therefore, taking a deep breath will cause the body to receive more oxygen, help reduce the level of Cortisol or stress hormones in the blood to decrease. Resulting in decrease heart rate and respiration rate. Blood pressure drop relieve anxiety, improve concentration, clear the brain and improve memory.

Breathing exercises for stress relief

Achieved by using the abdominal muscles. Beginning with deep breathing through the nose and counting 1 to 4 in a slow rhythm. Then, slowly relax your breath by counting 1 to 8, expelling all your breaths. Notice the belly is flattening. While doing, we felt that we had push all our stress out as well. We should do it consecutive 4-5 times and should practice every time when we are stress or when we feeling angry. Each day we should practice about 40 correct breaths, divided into short periods of 10 breaths at a time, it is not necessary to do at one time.

Here is 3 wonders happiness against depression . You may not have to have a lot of psychological knowledge. But believe us, allocating time for exercise, get enough rest and take a deep breathing during the day. Although it does not help to solve life problems immediately. But all 3 of them have magical powers that will enable us to overcome the obstacles ahead and continue every day. Helps us to have a healthy body and mind that is sustainable.