Reasons why we become “forgetful” people

Reasons why we become "forgetful" people

Reasons why we become “forgetful” people . No one doesn’t want to be a forgetful person, right? Because whenever we start to forget something often, it starts to signal that we “Aging” and even if we are still in school age, working age, if often forget definitely it will effect your work and also your life.

If you haven’t forgotten the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, we can identify the cause of these forgetful symptoms. According to the Harvard Health Publishing website.

Here is the Reasons why we become “forgetful” people

Reasons why we become "forgetful" people

Not enough sleep

Observe yourself easily that if that day is blurry, dizzy, confuse, the brain is slow to think of something and slower to make decision. In addition to being a little rest will cause us to forget. Still causes us to have mood swings. Such as easily anger and still risking anxiety that can also lead to forgetfulness.

Treatment of certain diseases

If you are treating certain medical conditions that require sedation, antidepressants, some blood pressure control drugs and some treating for the disease. It may affect the memory of the brain or cause people who receive these drugs to harder concentrate to remember. If you think that the medicine you are having is affecting the memory. Try to consult your doctor to find the true cause. Or consider a new drug instead

Reasons why we become "forgetful" people

Thyroid deficiency

Thyroid deficiency or hypothyroidism may also affect the ability to remember (Including side effects caused by thyroid deficiency, including sleep disturbances. That may lead to depression and may be a reason to reduce your ability to remember too). If you want to know if you are at risk of thyroid deficiency try to request a blood test for thyroid deficiency.


Did you know that drinking too much alcohol may destroy short-term memory. Although the amount of each person that affects the short-term memory is different. But no matter what, you should drink the right amount for yourself. The doctor simply suggests that men shouldn’t drink more than 2 cups a day, while women should not drink more than 1 cup a day.

Stress, anxiety

If you notice that during this period, your brain has to think hard all the time. May cause you to ignore other new information around you that has occur. Because you will not concentrate on other things.


Symptoms indicating depression that are easily observe. Meaning not cheerful and bright and motionless. No inspiration to do any things. And less happy with activities or something that has given happiness before. In result of the brain that chooses not to remember anything.

If you suspect that you are unusually forgetful. You should immediately adjust to various behaviors such as resting. Try to reduce tension or skip the alcohol. If not improve, you should consult a doctor to find the cause. And continue to treat correctly.

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