How to deal with a bully

How to deal with a bully . Indeed, bullying in Thailand has long been a chronic problem. But in the age of social media widely used we can clearly see that the bullying is getting more and more serious. Whether in school or working age anyone can get bullied. And if one day we face a bully like this, how do you handle it? We have a recommended method then.

What is a Bully?

Bullying means bullying in society. From words that are slander, humiliating, or down to violent bullying which is a physical and mental injury. The types of Bully are as follows.

1. Use of force such as hitting, punching, harming the body or intimidating fear through the behavior of damaging things.

2. Bully with words to hurt the feeling such as mocking, criticizing someone else’s appearance, skin color, inferiority complex to causing embarrassment or loss of feelings.

3. Social Bully such as pressure to leave the group or breaking ties or discourage anyone from associating with.

4. The online bully or cyber ​​bully, which is a bullying that humiliates a wide range because they can be shared continuously. Cyber ​​bullying hurting netizens easier than you think.

Bullies tend to be endlessly repetitive bullying. Which bullying each other, no matter what method to hurt feelings, confidence, or it may go beyond the point of pain ashamed that the person did not want to join the society with anyone. Becomes a life problem that can be related to mental health problems as well.

How to deal with bullying.

1. Try not to respond to bullying. 

When being bullied and insulted, no matter how heavy it is, try to make some noise. Someone who bullies us may feel like talking to a wall until it’s all fun. Because if you respond or argue back every time, the matter may escalate greatly.

2. Do not respond with violence.

We can express our dissatisfaction but should not respond with violence because it may cause the other party to sign the blame for us. And will become a social defendant at risk of being viewed as worse.

3. Keep some evidence.

We should protect ourselves with some evidence that can indicate that someone is a bully. It could be a clip of a photo that shows how we were being bullied. How many times has it been? In order to consult the teacher, parents or if there is a serious matter, it can be brought to the prosecution.

4. Consult an adult.

Try to consult with an adult. It could be a teacher, a supervisor, or a family member to vent to someone can help us feel more comfortable. In addition, consulting someone you are trustworthy and can also make you feel secure.

5. Disconnect with bully people.

If you encounter a bully person, try to stay as far away from them as possible. Or if you get bullied by social media it is better to block all of those accounts immediately.

6. Let it go

Of course, we may have some bully wounds. But if we keep it more and more, think over and over again about what is happening. It can be an endless amount of harm to yourself. We should accept the fact that we cannot change the person. But what we can change is the bad thoughts that reinforce ourselves, so try to let go and live your life.

7. See a psychiatrist or psychologist.

If you feel really bad, your life is dark. Can’t find a way out for yourself so you should talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist to help heal the wounds in your heart to get you through the bullies.

8. Prosecute by law.

Many cases of bullying such as sexual harassment, posting false statements, causing damage. We are able to collect evidence to notify the prosecution to deal with it legally then. Solving the Bully problem needs to be solved for everyone on all sides, not just the victims who have been violated. But it should heal the whole group of people with bully problems too