How to fix the student syndrome

How to fix the student syndrome . Student syndrome is a condition in which people begin to awaken themselves as enthusiastic about the job at the last possible moment before the deadline. Student syndrome is also considered a form of procrastination.

Information from Dr. Vinitra Kaewpila, medical lecturer from the Department of Psychiatry. Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University revealed the main reasons that cause people to procrastinate, 3 reasons as follows

1. Don’t know what to do.

To reach the goal we have to know the process along the way first. This is the point that many people are unable to start doing what they should do because they don’t know where to start. Like if you want to lose weight, you may know that you need to be on diet and doing an exercise. You may search a lot of information on the internet until you get confused about what to do first and can’t decide where to start. And you gave up and keep telling yourself ‘let’s just do it later’ something like that.

2. I don’t know what to do.

We may have passed the first level of what we need to do. But when we actually look at it, we see that there are many steps and it is not as easy as you think. Example, if you choose to lose weight with Low Carb, you need to know what kind of starch, how to reduce rice, and what kind of flour you can choose. Which is the information that must be studied. There is no difference from doing homework or a report. Because you need to research and find information and must bring that information and compile it to make it our work again. You just think about it and feel tired of doing it already and end up not doing anything.

3. Feeling afraid of something or what you are avoiding.

In psychology we believe that if we are procrastinating, it means that we are trying to avoid certain negative feelings such as fear, embarrassment, failure, inconvenience, or loss. Especially the loss of the comfort zone, etc., and this fear drives us to easily ignore what should be done.

When knowing the reason, we have a habit of procrastinating. Let’s see how to stop procrastinating.

How to stop procrastinating.

1. Talk to yourself.

Try to get to know yourself. When we have to do what we should do, how do we feel, what do we think of what we have to do? Doing it will result in good or bad for us, how to come back and explore yourself. Carefully reviewing yourself it may help us make better choices in doing what we set out to do.

2. Make time for that.

If we do not know what to do, we should find time to search for information to achieve our goals. Then stop claiming that you don’t have time and there is a lot of setup work to do. If other people can do it, you can do it too.

3. Set goals.

A Student syndrome goal is for dashing and when we have a clear goal we will make it to our goal more steadily. So, set a goal for yourself to jump into it. As if to lose weight try to set a goal for this week to avoid sugary drinks, fried foods and we’ll be encouraged to continue doing that.

4. Turn negative thoughts into challenges.

If there is a feeling of fear that you will encounter difficult things, a fear that what you will do may bring trouble. Let’s turn that fear into a feeling of challenge. Try with it for a while to see if we can get through things.

5. No need to be your best, but to be good enough.

There is no need to expect that we have to do our best in everything, just do our best. Make it good enough in what we can. Do it your own way and do not put too much pressure on yourself. And then we will feel more like doing it.

6. Let’s start with the little step.

If you still don’t know where to start you can try something out first. For example, if you don’t know how to write a report. Start writing topics first, start a list of things to write first. Or do not know how to lose weight, while making your decision, try exercising for 10-20 minutes, giving yourself a chance to try and do it first.

7. Do it immediately.

Transform yourself from forehand to backhand by doing immediate actions. There is no procrastination. As homework must be sent on Friday but the teacher assigned it since Monday so we try to do our homework on the evening of the order, let’s see what will happen to us.

In addition to these things you have to be ambitious too. Keep telling yourself that you can do it and cheer yourself up not forcing yourself. Hold on to these incentives. And we will stop procrastinating ourselves