Most easy 3 steps to manage anger

3 steps to manage anger

Most easy 3 steps to manage anger . Anger is one of the basic emotions of humans. In response to what is affecting in order to survive. Anger makes us feel like fighting but not necessarily in a contentious fight. Although anger helps us to survive in various situations. Stood up to fight to protect ourself. But often, anger has a negative effect. Especially in relation to those around you. Not only If we keep anger for a long time. It will adversely affect our physical and mental health as well.

Psychologists say that anger is often an emotion. In order to cover the true feelings that occur with the situation that is affecting, such as anxiety, regret, feeling sad or stress, etc.

Anger Often grow up in an environment that requires them to protect themselves, such as growing up in a violent family. Stay in school or the environment that is constantly being bully. They must always be ready for battle and survive.

Psychologists have suggested Most easy 3 steps to manage anger :

3 steps to manage anger

1. Protection

If you realize that you are an angry person and unable to control your own emotions. Use the following methods.

Check your feelings every hour: Ask yourself how angry you are right now. By rating from 0 – 10, which 0 is not angry until 10 is very angry. To ask this question to yourself every hours are like training to keep up with your thoughts and feelings.

Dealing with problems: If you start to feel that your anger is at level 4 or 5, ask yourself: Is there a problem that we need to fix? This is how to use feelings of anger as a guide that we are having a problem that needs to be resolve. Instead of venting.

Ask yourself how we feel again: As mention above, anger is often an emotion. Due to other feelings such as anxiety, sad feeling. Understand yourself and find the reason that makes us feel like that.

Reduce the risk of anger: This can be done by divert your attention to other things such as exercise, meditation.

3 steps to manage anger

2. Stay current

When we feel angry at levels 8-10, generally. We tend to act by blaming others because we want others to do something for us to feel better. However, remember that the person who can make us feel better is our self. This can be done by coming back to the present, such as deep breathing, meditation, distracting yourself from something else.

While we are angry our brain commands us to solve that problem. To cool our emotions, such as ordering others to do what we want to quit. Which is not something that we feel good. When our emotions cool down before deciding to do anything, be confident that we are now feeling cool.

3. Adjust our own personality

Article 1 and 2 are methods of managing anger, but this method 3 invites us to see that anger not a good solution to the problem and often creates problems. Including breaking relationships with the people we love. Which people in different personalities can adjust themselves as follows.

People who like to control and manage: understand that managing and controlling everything is not the solution to the anxiety we have because life is uncertain and unpredictable at all. Instead of trying to control everything to be as we had plan. Learn to keep up with your feelings of anxiety and resolve, etc.

Considerate person:

stop thinking “we should do” for others to make others happy. But turn back and ask yourself what makes us happy.

People who like to bully other people:

This group is not aware that they are bullying others. What you have to turn back to do is responsible for your own feelings. And actions Instead of being angry with other people and hurting others.

People who like to blame themselves: They can change themselves by speaking what they think. And do not believe the negative thoughts they have about themselves. Increase confidence in yourself. By solving various problems self-induce instead of avoiding to do things that are not useful to yourself, such as drug abuse.

Anger is both useful and harmful, learning to handle it and acting in a proper way. It will make anger send us energy to do things successfully.

Nevertheless, if you are still having trouble controlling your anger or not understanding the source of your anger. Expert consultation can help you.