How to improve yourself to be a better person in 5 weeks

How to improve yourself to be a better person in 5 weeks . For those who are afraid of change. Sometimes we want to improve ourselves even further. But we are anxious and afraid to change because we do not know what the future ahead of us will be. And we always keep ourselves in an area that feels safe. But if we want different results we need to change, we have to “dare to change”

Today we offer good techniques in the transformation of ourselves within 5 weeks to lead us to overcome our limitations. And create a gradual change to ourselves.

Week 1 : Write about yourself on A4 paper.

Divide an A4 page into three columns vertically:

– The first field is us today.

Describe your current characteristics, such as obesity, not good at English, lack of maintenance, acne, etc.

– The second box is us from now on.

Write down the opposite of the first field, for example, if you feel you are overweight. Write down “Good body” if we feel that we are not good at English Wrote down that “Good at English” and if we have acne Wrote down that “Smooth skin” etc.

The key to writing these columns is to gain “confidence” that we can “change” and if we can change ourselves in the future, no matter what direction we want to change ourselves.

– The third column is how to bring about change.

For example, if we want to have a better look we have to start exercising or apply for a fitness club. If you want to be good at English you need to practice English on a daily basis.

The important thing is not just that what is “ourselves from now on,” but we need to write a “behavior” that will lead to that goal. Simply put, try to make it concrete. And go into detail to the level where you should start doing something immediately. By the way that would lead to that behavior. It’s not just about writing what you need to do in general. But we need to carefully study how we can really achieve our goals. For example, if we want to have a good figure. It’s not just telling yourself to go to the gym. But we still need to eat foods that are suitable for our lifestyles. Exercise the right way in the right amount, too

Research studies looking for information on “what to do” to be able to be like that. Is one way of creating concrete behavior. When we have filled in all 3 fields, the next step is “take action”.

Week 2 : record something new.

When it comes to week 2, we should have started to see a change happening for ourselves over the past few weeks, and this week we will be making more changes for ourselves by starting to do “new” behaviors every day at least 3 things per day.

Keep a record of the new things that happen each day. Even if it’s a little but taking action is considered to be a success by recording that new thing it is also linked to our behavior. Because when we want to take note of something new every day we always have to try to do new things. It is like our everyday challenge and goal.

Week 3 : Difficulty is a sign of taking action.

If we want to become better in addition to doing things that are good for ourselves. We need to turn those good behaviors into “habits” as well. The trick is, when we are feeling “difficult”, take action right away.

If we have a large amount of work waiting to be done do not wait for the deadline and hurry. Hurry and do it from now on. When doing this on a regular basis, we become a habit. And helps to stop procrastinating as well.

Week 4 : try to do the most “embarrassing” thing.

Try taking Improve yourself out of the Comfort Zone by trying something you find “embarrassing”, such as greeting a stranger, greeting people we meet in elevators, etc. As we get used to our shyness, our “fear of change” disappears. In addition, the practice of “patience” to feel embarrassed. It can also help refine our minds as well.

Week 5 : Take advantage of the enemy.

In the past, we might have avoided talking to people we didn’t like or someone we don’t feel close to. But actually if we try we may find good or hidden value. We can learn from people we don’t like and take advantage of what we have learned.

We understand the feelings of people who want to change themselves for the better version. But at the same time you still secretly feel the fear of change. But if you don’t start doing something so you might not see the result then.