Signs that are indicating that you are suffering from depression

Signs that are indicating that you are suffering from depression .In Thailand, 1.5 million people are exposed to depression a year. But only 30% of those are seeking treatment. It means that many people do not know they are suffering from depression. Or some people know, but think that they don’t need treatment and it will heal by themselves. But continually lacking in treatment it can cause this disease to become another terrible disease that took the life of Thai people unexpectedly.

Depression can have many causes. This is partly due to abnormal brain activity. Due to the neurotransmitters in the brain that aren’t balanced.

Heredity also makes us more vulnerable to depression than others, but it must be combined with other factors such as hyperthink, frustration, feeling hopeless, feeling that we are alone in the room. Doing things alone often, these behaviors can affect everyday life. Relationships with peers have decreased including socializing and working. Should be taken to see a psychiatrist to determine the cause and get treatment properly.

In addition, people who lack confidence can easily get anxiety, prone to depression, cumulative stress, life problems that cannot be solved, chronic illness, unemployment, no money, poor relations with close people or suffered a severe loss in life.

These things will stimulate the symptoms of illness to show. Including the symptoms of illness and subsequent drug use, complications or side effects of depressive symptoms may occur.

Signs of depression.

  • Have a depressed mood. Some people may be moody, irritable, aggressive.
  • Lack of interest in activities that you have done
  • Loss of appetite or increased appetite. Weight loss or significant increase.
  • Insomnia or sleeps longer than usual.
  • Moving or speaking more slowly than usual. Feeling tired all the time.
  • Pessimism, feeling that they are worthless, lonely, and feeling guilty.
  • Lack of concentration, memory deterioration, and a lack of decision-making.
  • Irregular menstrual cycles. Have decreased or increased interest in sex.
  • Pain in the body for not known reasons.
  • Thoughts of suicide or attempting suicide; hurting yourself.
Note: 5 out of 10 symptoms must be present consecutively for 2 weeks or more. And is almost always, almost every day.
suffering from depression

Various changes occur in people with depression. They may be gradual, monthly, or occurring as quickly as 1-2 weeks depending on how severe the impact is. But daily life habits of people with depression will definitely change. Due to the imbalance of chemicals in the brain, resulting in physical illnesses. Crying often with the trivial things, tired of people, tired of work, tired of the world, tired of life. 

Think of yourself as a burden to other people. Become insecure, don’t dare to decide, easily forgetful. Work efficiency is reduced, unable to work thoroughly because of lack of concentration, starting to take leave from work, leave more often.

Don’t want to socialize, inactive, not talking to anyone, sadness or feelings of despair are greater. If there is a traumatic event during this period, it may cause self-harm and even suicidal thoughts.

Depression can be cured. It is most important to follow your doctor’s treatment plan so that your symptoms get better and eventually heal. Complete all medications prescribed by your doctor. Changing lifestyle and cooperating with a psychotherapist to treat. Currently, there are 3 main treatments for depression: Antidepressants (balancing brain chemicals), psychotherapy, and brain cell stimulation therapy.

We can practice dealing with depression on our own without setting too hard work goals.Don’t make decisions that matter to your life, Such as divorce and leave your job during depression. Write in a journal to express your feelings. Exercise to relieve stress will help you sleep better. Eat well, invite friends to play at home or join family activities. All of these behaviors can help us overcome depression.

Understanding from those around them is important. Don’t think that a person with depression is weak but because people suffering from depression are patients. Therefore, if proper treatment is received, they will return to a stable temper. Ready to perform various daily activities as before. And don’t ignore if the person next to our body talks about dying or does not want to live. You should immediately notify the doctor or psychiatrist.