Understanding the fear of being alone

Understanding the fear of being alone .Actually, the moment when we are alone or do something alone is like a small private space that many people are comfortable with and would love to have some. But on the other hand many people feel that being alone makes them feel lonely or even some people feel scared.

The fear of being alone (autophobia / monophobia) is the fear of being alone regardless of the place even in a usually comfortable place. Some people staying in the home themselves can cause this symptom with severe anxiety and feel insecure. Or they want someone to be with them all the time.

Actually, the word “alone” in the meaning of each person is not the same. We may be afraid of being alone without someone. (Which may be someone we are very close to and trust) or fear not being with anyone.

In addition, there is also a matter of distance between ourselves and other people. For example, we may be okay with having people within the same area. We are on the second floor and then there are people downstairs. But with some people, it would like to have someone nearby within the same room or in the distance that the eye can see.

Symptoms of autophobia / monophobia.

  • Fear of thieves / thieves.
  • Fear of strangers.
  • Fear not to be loved.
  • Fear of being abandoned or unwanted.
  • Fear of suddenly getting some kind of disease.
  • Afraid of strange noises that can’t be explained or hear something unexpected.

Symptoms of the fear of being alone

  • Feeling very anxious when you’re alone.
  • Afraid that something unexpected will happen.
  • Shaking, palpitations, sweating, lightheadedness, dizziness, and nausea. When alone or in a situation where you know you are going to be alone.
  • There is a very fearful feeling when you know you have to be alone.
  • Feel like escaping from that place.
What is the cause of Fear of being alone?

What is the cause of Fear of being alone?

Autophobia / Monophobia or fear of being alone is just like any other phobia, we can’t figure out a specific reason. But it often comes from having a bad experience, such as the fear of being abandoned by a parent’s divorce or the death of a family member. In addition, it may happen with the people who have been in a dreadful situation which causes them to remember until it becomes a fear.

How different between fear of being alone and loneliness?

Loneliness is a negative feeling. That may be due to the fact that we rarely talk to anyone or do nothing. Which we may feel lonely in spite of someone to live with. But the fear of being alone it will be misery and anxiety every time you know you have to be alone. Or no one you can trust.

Therefore, the fear of being alone is completely different from loneliness. When we feel lonely just try to find something you like to do or try to call a friend and you will immediately feel better. It is a symptom that occurs for a short time and then disappears. But the fear of being alone we will feel very unhappy every time there is no other person with you until unable to do anything. We feel paranoid and fear all the time. Which may be one of the causes of depression. It is recommended to see a specialist doctor such as a psychiatrist. It will solve the problem more precisely.

Your mind is really important for your health too. So don’t forget to check on yourself more often. And if you see some sign that might sound like you are having a problem with your mind. Don’t just ignore it and should go see the psychologist right away.