Think positive and look at the world, Passing on positive thoughts to others

Think positive and look at the world , The positive thinking and optimism It will help to improve the quality of work, quality of life, good health and good mood in a world full of bad news. We don’t need to know everything about it. There is no need to be bogged down with other people’s suffering. that we choose to focus only on the good happening in life

Think positive and look at the world

Our brains are always changing.

     We may still hold on and think that brain development only happens when we are young. But the truth is that we can continue to develop our brains. Even if you grow up to be an adult The brain can still change. This allows us to learn and master new skills, for example, even though we were once thoughtful and pessimistic people.

Change is a danger signal.

     when changes occur The brain responds and makes us see it as a problem or obstacle. make us think pessimistic Because things that change often cause us to respond differently to that. This made us stop using automated response systems. This causes the brain to think and require more energy. especially big changes that it often causes difficulties make a risk

The aptitude of each person

     The brain began to change since childhood. the part of the brain that we use less The neurons that are not used often will scatter and gradually disappear, but the ones that are frequently used it will keep in touch Hold on tight and stay with us until we grow up. cause aptitude in various skills

 until when we grow up The adaptive flexibility of the brain is reduced. Each one is good at certain subjects and loses the flexibility of a childish mind. But our brains can change all the time. And we can also build neuron connections and learn new skills.

Risk of trust

     We all want to work with people we can trust. A company we can trust But trust is a delicate thing. When we trust in the hands of others There is always the risk that that person will disappoint us. Risk of ruining the relationship Trust, trust is risky. But it also brings long-term benefits.

                when we have faith The brain secretes neurotransmitters. or the happiness messenger oxytocin When we trust and are not disappointed We will be even happier. The more the brain is connected, the more we trust. Trust is only possible when we know the risks and begin to trust others.

Risk of trust

Blame yourself or blame others

     Blaming yourself will lead to a loss of confidence. optimistic person will see it as a good thing It is caused by internal factors. We think that success comes from ourselves. and look at the bad things or mistakes that have happened It is caused by external factors. or caused by someone else

     pessimistic person will see things as bad It is caused by internal factors. Think of yourself as the cause of the mistake. and see the good as something other people make it happen


     If before we make a mistake People commented on being a smart person. The brain increases the level of response to that mistake. make us think too much But if someone says we’re stupid before we make a mistake The response level will not change. because we have already expected that the result will not turn out to be bad The mistake was not surprising.

Way to optimism

     Our environment influences our behavior and decisions. Because self-control may not be effective enough. Although we intend not to be pessimistic. Although we try to use reason But if a situation causes us anxiety or stress, then we let emotions take over reason. Linking past bad experiences to influence decision making and have a pessimistic view of the world

However, The environment affects our thinking. Try to stay away from pessimists. Stay away from bad thoughts or events. stop drinking bad news

But no matter how hard we try, we cannot avoid pessimism. our brains or that of others They all want to survive. We can’t give up and let go of pessimism.

what we can do is won’t let it devour us Don’t let it affect your overall health. And don’t let pessimists prevent us from passing on your optimistic thoughts to others.