6 ways to recharge your energy from feeling lonesome

6 ways to recharge your energy from feeling lonesome . When you have to stay home for a long time it might make you feel so boring, annoying, frustrating.

Especially, during the paramedic that all over the world are facing right now so we have to stay home all the time. So we still have to take good care of yourself in such a depressing situation.

Actually, looking for activities to do when we have to stay stuffy in the house for a long time it is not that hard. But the difficult thing is that we don’t know where to start. So what should I do first? Don’t waste time ranking, anything that increases happiness you can charge it right away. What to do, let’s have a look.

1. Moving your body as much as you can.

With a limited area of ​​the house or room it does not allow us to move too much. Some people at work from home sit even more and not go anywhere all day. Both in our feelings were as bad as being confined and free. The less we move the body the less the mood becomes even more spoiled. Because usually we are used to getting around with no limits. But just lying down and watching a series or plowing on a social media timeline it can only temporarily cure boredom. Try to find activities that require more movement. Let the blood pump assure you that the power will return.

2. Find something fun that makes you forget about time.

Try to find an activity that makes you feel like it’s a great time saver. Killing time that we did not even realize. Because while we are doing those activities we will be extremely focused on it without being interested in anything around us. Take what you like to do and enjoy enough. For example, to read cartoons, watch series, continue jigsaw puzzles or dismantle the old stuff to arrange it, and also sit in memory of the past.

3. How about sing a song and listen to music?

Many people already know that listening to music can help relieve stress, so if you realize that stress has accumulated and it becomes more and more difficult to handle. You can try to listen to the healing music. Choose the most relaxing song if it is a natural sound, it will be good. Listening to it as well practice breathing as well. Inhale slowly for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, then gradually. Relaxing your breath for another 4 seconds, determining your breath will help increase oxygen to your body. To stay focused on the present. Enjoy until you get out of stress at that moment. Or maybe choose a song that has about 60 beats / minute. It is good for our brains as well.

4. Rest your mind to calm down.

Talk about resting your mind to be calm. Many people’s imaginations are directed to meditation almost immediately, but actually resting the mind is not just meditation. (But if it’s good for yourself) it is doing anything that relaxes your mind, focused still, relieves anxiety, reduces distraction, eliminates the distraction and the stress accumulated from work or the lack of freedom that has to be in the same place every day. In addition to being able to relieve the stress for a while you also get some benefits that help increase work efficiency as well.

5. Find opportunities for your fingers to move, scribble and write.

Instead of keeping it in the head, make it tangible or write in a journal of things we want to be grateful for in life. For us to write it off, the brain has to think and crystallize from our own experiences, this will help us stay away from negative feelings for a while, become less depressed, spend less time focusing on what we are comfortable with instead. Increased levels of dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that make us feel happier and in a good mood.

6. Laugh.

Even if laughter can be brought out, just laughing. Just let it be fun, funny, or positive feelings for us. Because laughing not only feels good mentally but it also has health benefits too. In the short term, laughter relieves and relieves tension in the body. In the long term it will help strengthen the emotional immune system. Cope with difficult situations without much difficulty.

So it is important to take care of yourself on both your body and mind. So you can try those tips out and see if it can help you feel better or not. We hope this article will help you in some way somehow.