How to deal with a bully

How to deal with a bully . Indeed, bullying in Thailand has long been a chronic problem. But in the age of social media widely used we can clearly see that the bullying is getting more and more serious. Whether in school or working age anyone can get bullied. And if one day we face a bully like this, how do you handle it? We have a recommended method then.

What is a Bully?

Bullying means bullying in society. From words that are slander, humiliating, or down to violent bullying which is a physical and mental injury. The types of Bully are as follows.

1. Use of force such as hitting, punching, harming the body or intimidating fear through the behavior of damaging things.

2. Bully with words to hurt the feeling such as mocking, criticizing someone else’s appearance, skin color, inferiority complex to causing embarrassment or loss of feelings.

3. Social Bully such as pressure to leave the group or breaking ties or discourage anyone from associating with.

4. The online bully or cyber ​​bully, which is a bullying that humiliates a wide range because they can be shared continuously. Cyber ​​bullying hurting netizens easier than you think.

Bullies tend to be endlessly repetitive bullying. Which bullying each other, no matter what method to hurt feelings, confidence, or it may go beyond the point of pain ashamed that the person did not want to join the society with anyone. Becomes a life problem that can be related to mental health problems as well.

How to deal with bullying.

1. Try not to respond to bullying. 

When being bullied and insulted, no matter how heavy it is, try to make some noise. Someone who bullies us may feel like talking to a wall until it’s all fun. Because if you respond or argue back every time, the matter may escalate greatly.

2. Do not respond with violence.

We can express our dissatisfaction but should not respond with violence because it may cause the other party to sign the blame for us. And will become a social defendant at risk of being viewed as worse.

3. Keep some evidence.

We should protect ourselves with some evidence that can indicate that someone is a bully. It could be a clip of a photo that shows how we were being bullied. How many times has it been? In order to consult the teacher, parents or if there is a serious matter, it can be brought to the prosecution.

4. Consult an adult.

Try to consult with an adult. It could be a teacher, a supervisor, or a family member to vent to someone can help us feel more comfortable. In addition, consulting someone you are trustworthy and can also make you feel secure.

5. Disconnect with bully people.

If you encounter a bully person, try to stay as far away from them as possible. Or if you get bullied by social media it is better to block all of those accounts immediately.

6. Let it go

Of course, we may have some bully wounds. But if we keep it more and more, think over and over again about what is happening. It can be an endless amount of harm to yourself. We should accept the fact that we cannot change the person. But what we can change is the bad thoughts that reinforce ourselves, so try to let go and live your life.

7. See a psychiatrist or psychologist.

If you feel really bad, your life is dark. Can’t find a way out for yourself so you should talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist to help heal the wounds in your heart to get you through the bullies.

8. Prosecute by law.

Many cases of bullying such as sexual harassment, posting false statements, causing damage. We are able to collect evidence to notify the prosecution to deal with it legally then. Solving the Bully problem needs to be solved for everyone on all sides, not just the victims who have been violated. But it should heal the whole group of people with bully problems too

Quick and easy ways to relieve stress

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Quick and easy ways to relieve stress . Whether children, teenagers, young people or even at any age, there is no way to escape stress. Especially middle aged people who have to work hard every day. They were so stressed and depressed all day. Sometimes stress accumulates and it results in concentrate lost. And the longer you keep it, the more negative effects on your physical and mental health it will be. But how to relieve stress, don’t worry today we have a simple way to relieve stress that can relieve stress.


Believe it or not, a smile can make you less stressful. The University of Wisconsin has found that botox injections are less likely to be frustrated because they are unable to express anger. But we are not recommending you to get a botox injection. Just smiling at every situation it will help you to relieve stress.

Warming hands.

When people feel fear or anxiety the nervous system keeps blood flowing to the larger muscles. It is our survival instinct but this altered blood flow also made the hands cool. Therefore, warming your hands can be a great way to reduce stress. Because when your hands warm up, it will give signals to your brain that you are fine and can calm you down. Neuroscientists revealed that when our hands are warm the nervous system stops the body’s response in fight or flight mode that makes the body return to normal.


Spending out some money during stressful periods can make it even more stressful. But if you can’t wait to waste your money we offer you a better way then. Instead of spending money for shopping, donate money to the people in need or a charity.

Eating whole grain.

Elizabeth Somer, nutritionist and owner of Eat Your Way to Sexy, reveals that if you’re upset try to find a high-carb grain snack to eat which will improve your mood in just half an hour. Because carbohydrates will help increase blood sugar levels. It will make your body produce more of the serotonin. This hormone is associated with increasing your happiness and calm mood until the stress in the body is reduced.

Be close to the soil.

Some bacteria in the soil can help increase the amount of serotonin in the body. It can reduce anxiety and increase concentration. These bacteria will give us a bad smell when digging in the ground. So if you are stressed out, pick up gardening tools and go gardening.

Hug yourself.

Researchers at the University of Texas, Kristin Neff, revealed that tight hugs can help the body release oxytocin and chemicals that improve our mood. You don’t have to find someone to hug to get you in a good mood but we can do it ourselves then.


We may have heard that taking a deep breath can help relieve stress. Because when you exhale your heart rate slows down. Take three long breaths and exhale, you will be more comfortable.


Believe it or not, just two minutes of exercise can help to improve your mood. And can also help raise the level of the norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin, which all three substances have the effect of reducing stress.

Relax the brain.

If the next time you get stressed and can’t think of anything and if you feel a headache, try some simple methods to relax your brain. For example, taking a hot shower or listening to your favorite music. It will help you feel more relaxed.

Eat chocolate.

Eating dark chocolate can help improve your mood. Because dark chocolate contains the flavonoid, which helps improving moods. A study found that consuming just 1.4 ounces (about 40 grams) of dark chocolate on a daily basis, it can help lower your stress hormones.

Smell essential oils

There are many essential oils that help to relieve stress. One of them is a citrusy fruity scent like oranges and lemons. This will help make you feel more refreshed. By using only 15 drops of essential oils and dissolved it with water. It can help your tired body to recover miraculously.

The methods we mentioned here are all simple ones that don’t take a lot of time. But it’s better to not to stress often, because stress can have a negative effect on both physical and mental health. Keep an optimistic view of the world so that you don’t have to rely on anything to relieve your stress.

Great way to deal with an anxiety

Great way to deal with an anxiety. Many situations nowadays especially the bad economy right now can cause many people an anxiety so we should check on ourselves because the mental symptoms can also contribute to physical symptoms too.

Let’s first check and see if we have these sign of the symptoms or not.

  • Tense muscles, aches and pains.
  • Headaches often.
  • Restless, lack of concentration.
  • Loss some appetite.
  • Indigestion.
  • Diarrhea, upset stomach.
  • getting tired easily.
  • Light sleeper or insomnia.

Some people who are extremely anxious and stressed out may experience more symptoms, such as palpitations, tremors, fainting, sweating, feeling uncomfortable breathing ,If your symptoms reach this stage so you should see a doctor immediately then.

When you are noticing some of these sign so it’s time to find a way to stop the highs risk of getting an anxiety then. Here is some great tips how to deal with an anxiety.

1. Practicing how to control your breath.

Just focus on your breath inhale deeply and exhale slowly this will help you feel more relaxed.

It’s also a simple call for meditation.

2. Leave out the distraction.

If your mind is worrying about so many things then get up and take a deep breath as soon as you realize it.

Or maybe you can take a walk, let’s enjoy the things around you and let go of all those thoughts.

3. Being social.

Humans need to have a society. Because we have to rely on each other, So do not create a private world and live in it because being quiet alone does not make you feel better.

Try to chat with some friends. Give yourself some opportunities to exchange ideas with others.

4. Play with the pets.

If there are pets nearby, take some time to play with them. Then you will find that when you spend the time with your beloved pet, you will get some positive energy back.

So it can help released all of your worries and suffering for a moment.

5. Think positively.

Trying to change your perspective from negative to the positive. Or at least think of something constructive and we could be better than we thought.

6. Tell yourself to stop getting distracted.

If the thoughts in your head are all confused try shouting the word “Stop!” In your mind, or maybe this will actually stop the distraction.

7. Find activities that you love to do.

Great way to deal with an anxiety , Watch a series, listen to music, read novels, plant trees, keep a house, or cook new dishes. Better than taking the time to sit in an endless worry.

8. Focus on what you do and be in the present.

Many times our minds get distracted because we lose focus on the present. So don’t let yourself be distracted.

9. Describe your concerns in writing.

Pick up a pen and write all the lectures. Then try to read it again.

Then take the opportunity to distinguish that is our concern really an issue that needs to be resolved or is it a pre-existing concern?

10. Make life plans for yourself

Prioritize your to-do lists one by one and stick to that table. Try to get the plans done so it can help to make things in your mind organize more.

11. Meet a psychiatrist

If your symptom is badly we advising you to go to see a psychiatrist or try calling a mental health hotline better.

No matter what the problem are you facing right now, We believe that this things will not last long. And we hope that you will be happier in your life. Even though today there will be a storm of life but someday you will see a bright sky again for sure.

How to deal with a toxic person ?

How to deal with a toxic person stop losing your mental health because of Toxic Person. If you are in any society and you feel unhappy and there are only negative things around,

try to check if the person you are close to is a Toxic Person or someone that is toxic or not. And if you have to be with people like this for a long time, whether at work or home how should we deal with ourselves? Let’s try to find a solution together then.

Toxic Person

What kind of person is Toxic Person?

If you meet someone with a habit or an idea like this … Well, yes. They are the real Toxic Person. 

1. Always be pessimistic.

Their view of the things around them will turn out to be all terrible. Regardless of whether someone has done great they still give a negative thought. Staying with people like this for a long time will give you stress, suspicion, and worries about everything.

2. Never admitting wrong and always thinking that they are right.

Toxic Person never sees their own mistakes. Or if you see it, they will always blame someone else’s fault.

3. Not trying to understand other people but prefers to judge others in their own way

Even though they didn’t know others well enough but they will judge people on their own angle. It can be said that there is no respect for other people for toxic people.

4. Always selfish

They are ready to eject themselves from a risky situation regardless of what the other person is like.

5. Asking for help all the time.

Even though it is a work of their own responsibility, they often persuade others to help them out.

6. Always put pressure on others.

People like this tend to expect us to be good enough so they can use us. And if you are not as good as they expect they will curse you then.

7. You can’t always rely on

They are always dependent on other people. But no one can ask for help from them. 

How to deal with a toxic person if you have a Toxic Person at work or at home, try to find a way to survive from a toxic person.

  • Stay away from these people or not try to get close to them too much.
  • Do not tell them or let them know too much about your personal matters.
  • Just ignore them, even if you get bothered, let it go. Do not keep it in your mind.
  • Do not just believe what they say and find the truth first.
  • Be strong, do not feel down.
  • Try to understand why they do that and if you can forgive, then forgive so that you don’t have to think too much.
  • Try talking to him for a reason or if you have to respond, be patient as much as possible
  • Try to look for good angles around you, don’t let yourself become obsessed with bad thoughts.
  • Open up to talk to the Toxic Person honestly, because they may not be aware that they have a toxic habit with those around them. So let them know how to adjust in order to live together in peace.

We may not be able to change anyone. But do not forget that we ourselves have the right to live in this society the way we want to be as well.

So if you meet someone who is a Toxic Person, try to find a solution together. Or if in the end, you still face the emotional and mental burden of them. So try to see if you can cut them out of our life. If so, don’t hesitate to do that. Otherwise you will lose your mental health in vain.

Most easy 3 steps to manage anger

3 steps to manage anger

Most easy 3 steps to manage anger . Anger is one of the basic emotions of humans. In response to what is affecting in order to survive. Anger makes us feel like fighting but not necessarily in a contentious fight. Although anger helps us to survive in various situations. Stood up to fight to protect ourself. But often, anger has a negative effect. Especially in relation to those around you. Not only If we keep anger for a long time. It will adversely affect our physical and mental health as well.

Psychologists say that anger is often an emotion. In order to cover the true feelings that occur with the situation that is affecting, such as anxiety, regret, feeling sad or stress, etc.

Anger Often grow up in an environment that requires them to protect themselves, such as growing up in a violent family. Stay in school or the environment that is constantly being bully. They must always be ready for battle and survive.

Psychologists have suggested Most easy 3 steps to manage anger :

3 steps to manage anger

1. Protection

If you realize that you are an angry person and unable to control your own emotions. Use the following methods.

Check your feelings every hour: Ask yourself how angry you are right now. By rating from 0 – 10, which 0 is not angry until 10 is very angry. To ask this question to yourself every hours are like training to keep up with your thoughts and feelings.

Dealing with problems: If you start to feel that your anger is at level 4 or 5, ask yourself: Is there a problem that we need to fix? This is how to use feelings of anger as a guide that we are having a problem that needs to be resolve. Instead of venting.

Ask yourself how we feel again: As mention above, anger is often an emotion. Due to other feelings such as anxiety, sad feeling. Understand yourself and find the reason that makes us feel like that.

Reduce the risk of anger: This can be done by divert your attention to other things such as exercise, meditation.

3 steps to manage anger

2. Stay current

When we feel angry at levels 8-10, generally. We tend to act by blaming others because we want others to do something for us to feel better. However, remember that the person who can make us feel better is our self. This can be done by coming back to the present, such as deep breathing, meditation, distracting yourself from something else.

While we are angry our brain commands us to solve that problem. To cool our emotions, such as ordering others to do what we want to quit. Which is not something that we feel good. When our emotions cool down before deciding to do anything, be confident that we are now feeling cool.

3. Adjust our own personality

Article 1 and 2 are methods of managing anger, but this method 3 invites us to see that anger not a good solution to the problem and often creates problems. Including breaking relationships with the people we love. Which people in different personalities can adjust themselves as follows.

People who like to control and manage: understand that managing and controlling everything is not the solution to the anxiety we have because life is uncertain and unpredictable at all. Instead of trying to control everything to be as we had plan. Learn to keep up with your feelings of anxiety and resolve, etc.

Considerate person:

stop thinking “we should do” for others to make others happy. But turn back and ask yourself what makes us happy.

People who like to bully other people:

This group is not aware that they are bullying others. What you have to turn back to do is responsible for your own feelings. And actions Instead of being angry with other people and hurting others.

People who like to blame themselves: They can change themselves by speaking what they think. And do not believe the negative thoughts they have about themselves. Increase confidence in yourself. By solving various problems self-induce instead of avoiding to do things that are not useful to yourself, such as drug abuse.

Anger is both useful and harmful, learning to handle it and acting in a proper way. It will make anger send us energy to do things successfully.

Nevertheless, if you are still having trouble controlling your anger or not understanding the source of your anger. Expert consultation can help you.


Using thoughts in the right way

Using thoughts in the right way

Using thoughts in the right way . It is not strange that when we hear or are in an event that makes you feel unhappy and then we show resistance. Whether with facial expressions, gesture or speech. But did you notice that every problem, from small matters to big issues. Whether in the family, about the workplace or even the problems that we see in the news today. May be caused by unnecessary violence or lack of consciousness from speaking or doing something just to respond.

Using thoughts in the right way

Have you ever heard Gandhi’s teachings that

“Beware of ideas because thoughts become words

Be careful with what you say, as it will become action.

Beware of actions because actions become habits

Be careful of habits because they become personalities.

Beware of personality Because the personality will become fate. “

Using thoughts in the right way

All of this said it all starts with an idea. Everyone knows they have to think well before deciding to speak or start doing something. Of course, no one wants to regret it later. And what to do in order to be aware of ideas? How to Using thoughts in the right way ? We want you to think of at least 2 of these 5 aspects when you are in an inevitable situation when a conflict arises.

Try telling yourself this.

1. What you say and do indicates your personality.

If someone says something bad or does something bad to you, then that is an indication of who you are. Because you can’t force everyone to be good to you. But you can do your part well by practicing and improving yourself. Dedicate to work create value for yourself every day.

2. Your time is precious don’t undermine negative attitudes or bad words.

Attaching to resentment will only cause your thoughts to sink. The past is what has happened. Learning to let go of nonsense matters. Don’t live with suffering for so long that you forget that life must continue.

3. The never ending argument as long as their purpose was not to find a solution in the first place.

So instead of finding a weakness to hammer back and forth Turn to find the perfect point to end the problem. In addition to being good for you, it will also help eliminate other problems that will follow.

4. Look at the problem at a wide angle

Not just you who encounter bad things, each person has many problems to deal with. Some people can handle difficult problems because they understand the root cause of the problem. Acknowledging the opposite view of each other and trying to face each other many times. The messages that are not match are causing misunderstandings. Therefore, communicating frankly base on that reasoning, it is a simple, effective method.

5. Do not let the emotions for a short while causing you to regret it forever.

Words cannot be withdrawn. Action is the same. You can’t go back and edit past stories. The best way is to do the best. Stop using your emotions and turn to your thoughts first.

In every event you always have an option and you are able to respond wisely to avoid violence. Using thoughts in the right way . We just want you to be aware of yourself. Think carefully before deciding to say or do anything. You can learn mistakes from others. In order to improve and avoid problems that may occur as a consequence and move on.

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Reasons why we become “forgetful” people

Reasons why we become "forgetful" people

Reasons why we become “forgetful” people . No one doesn’t want to be a forgetful person, right? Because whenever we start to forget something often, it starts to signal that we “Aging” and even if we are still in school age, working age, if often forget definitely it will effect your work and also your life.

If you haven’t forgotten the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, we can identify the cause of these forgetful symptoms. According to the Harvard Health Publishing website.

Here is the Reasons why we become “forgetful” people

Reasons why we become "forgetful" people

Not enough sleep

Observe yourself easily that if that day is blurry, dizzy, confuse, the brain is slow to think of something and slower to make decision. In addition to being a little rest will cause us to forget. Still causes us to have mood swings. Such as easily anger and still risking anxiety that can also lead to forgetfulness.

Treatment of certain diseases

If you are treating certain medical conditions that require sedation, antidepressants, some blood pressure control drugs and some treating for the disease. It may affect the memory of the brain or cause people who receive these drugs to harder concentrate to remember. If you think that the medicine you are having is affecting the memory. Try to consult your doctor to find the true cause. Or consider a new drug instead

Reasons why we become "forgetful" people

Thyroid deficiency

Thyroid deficiency or hypothyroidism may also affect the ability to remember (Including side effects caused by thyroid deficiency, including sleep disturbances. That may lead to depression and may be a reason to reduce your ability to remember too). If you want to know if you are at risk of thyroid deficiency try to request a blood test for thyroid deficiency.


Did you know that drinking too much alcohol may destroy short-term memory. Although the amount of each person that affects the short-term memory is different. But no matter what, you should drink the right amount for yourself. The doctor simply suggests that men shouldn’t drink more than 2 cups a day, while women should not drink more than 1 cup a day.

Stress, anxiety

If you notice that during this period, your brain has to think hard all the time. May cause you to ignore other new information around you that has occur. Because you will not concentrate on other things.


Symptoms indicating depression that are easily observe. Meaning not cheerful and bright and motionless. No inspiration to do any things. And less happy with activities or something that has given happiness before. In result of the brain that chooses not to remember anything.

If you suspect that you are unusually forgetful. You should immediately adjust to various behaviors such as resting. Try to reduce tension or skip the alcohol. If not improve, you should consult a doctor to find the cause. And continue to treat correctly.

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3 wonders happiness against depression

3 wonders happiness against depression . The chemicals in the brain can greatly affect people’s thoughts, emotions, and their ability to control behaviors. Such as endorphins, a substance of happiness that everyone is familiar with. Controlling emotions, anger, and aggression. And the growth hormones that help children grow up and help adults stay young for a long time.

Actually, there are dozens of neurotransmitters in the human brain that can influence behavioral expression. And when these chemicals are in an imbalanced state, they can cause many emotional and behavioral disorders.

3 wonders happiness against depression

For example insomnia, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder etc., which today in the medical industry has synthesized many drugs. To help patients adjust chemicals in the brain quickly recover from depression.

But chemical treatment is not sustainable. Because when you stop using the drug. Then life goes back to stress and sad again. The chemicals in the brain are ready to swing into a state of imbalance at all times.

But from previous studies, it has been found that 3 wonders that can help combat depression and prevent many diseases, such as depression. By these 3 things, you will be away from depression. Therefore is something that is sustainable and very economical. Here is 3 wonders happiness against depression .

1. Exercise

3 wonders happiness against depression

Exercise encourages the body to perform various actions that are good for health, such as helping to prevent heart disease and diabetes, improving sleep and lower blood pressure.

Especially heavy exercise it helps the body to release a happy hormone called endorphin. But long-term light exercise also helps with the secretion of proteins that allow nerve cells to grow and create networks. It improves brain function and you feel better too.

In patients with depression, the hippocampus that controls the mood is usually smaller than the average person. Therefore, the neurons in this brain that are growing or working better can help reduce depression.

Currently, there is no conclusive evidence of how long or how long you will need to exercise. The nerve cells will begin to develop and reduce depression. But you should start to feel better after starting to exercise for a while (about 3 weeks).

Exercise is consider as a treatment for long-term results and cannot solve the problem immediately. Therefore, the goal of exercise is to make you feel like exercising. Whether it is to walk, run, swim, yoga or play team sports. Choose something that you like and it’s easy to keep exercising for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. Just as this, the health will improve both physically and mentally.

2. Restful sleep

3 wonders happiness against depression

Sleep is an indispensable thing for humans like us. By working age, aged 20-65 years, we should sleep 6-8 hours per day so the body will feel enough by the time that is suitable for sleep to maintain the balance of the hormones.

We should go to bed before midnight. Because it will cause the hormones that have secretion mechanisms during the time that sleep is fully release. Including melatonin hormones that help to deep sleep. Serotonin hormones that help to feel calm. Relaxing mood and growth hormone or young chemistry. Which will be shed while sleeping as deep as 11 am to 2 am only and it helps people to look younger.

Not only that, getting enough sleep each night will also help the various systems in the body work more efficiently. Feeling refresh after waking up and has the power to live life to the fullest.

It also helps to reduce the risk of becoming obese.  And make the body have a good immune system. Helps to prevent various diseases. Especially the relapse of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, stress, depression and cancer.

3. Breathe properly

Breathing brings oxygen to various organs of the body, allowing every cell to survive. But during the busy day and having to resolve various problems we tend to have shortness of breath. Muscle spasms and overused brain.

Therefore, taking a deep breath will cause the body to receive more oxygen, help reduce the level of Cortisol or stress hormones in the blood to decrease. Resulting in decrease heart rate and respiration rate. Blood pressure drop relieve anxiety, improve concentration, clear the brain and improve memory.

Breathing exercises for stress relief

Achieved by using the abdominal muscles. Beginning with deep breathing through the nose and counting 1 to 4 in a slow rhythm. Then, slowly relax your breath by counting 1 to 8, expelling all your breaths. Notice the belly is flattening. While doing, we felt that we had push all our stress out as well. We should do it consecutive 4-5 times and should practice every time when we are stress or when we feeling angry. Each day we should practice about 40 correct breaths, divided into short periods of 10 breaths at a time, it is not necessary to do at one time.

Here is 3 wonders happiness against depression . You may not have to have a lot of psychological knowledge. But believe us, allocating time for exercise, get enough rest and take a deep breathing during the day. Although it does not help to solve life problems immediately. But all 3 of them have magical powers that will enable us to overcome the obstacles ahead and continue every day. Helps us to have a healthy body and mind that is sustainable.


How to take care mind from illness

How to take care mind from illness .Stress or psychosis, neurosis including depression.

Become a disease that is increasingly known in today’s society.

Because in this globalize society.

It seems that those who do not feel stress.

And not worry are the ones who are extremely lucky.

Maintaining the state of mind to be always strong and perfect living in a human society.

You must experience both suffering and happiness mix together.

Therefore, having a strong mental health will be able to live better in society.

What is mental health?

How to take care mind from illness

Mental health is an important part of a happy life.

Promoting mental health helps to adjust in life to be useful as a study, work, society,

thoughts and emotions as normal.

Prevent mental health problems and psychiatric disorders.

Mental health problems consider as a major obstacle in living a happy society.

Mental health problems will show symptoms both mentally and physically.

Symptoms of mental health problems

How to take care mind from illness

1. physical symptoms

When the mind is stressing the autonomic nerves in the body are stimulate to function more.

Internal organs, which are direct by the autonomic nerves, are stimulate to function more.

Including the heart, blood vessels, lungs, stomach, intestines, bladder.

2. Emotional symptoms

Stress causes the mind to feel anxious, afraid, excited, uncomfortable.

Some people are depressed, frustrate, bore, easily irritate, not fun, the body is not cheerful.

Depression is often associated with severe loss or disappointment.

These uncomfortable symptoms may cause other symptoms.

Such as anorexia, insomnia, tiredness, tired easily.

3. Mental symptoms

There are thoughts changing according to emotions.

And may not think well thinking of hurting, worrying, repeat add unable to stop thinking, uncontrollable thoughts.

If there is stress and very continuous.

Therefore it will make the brain dizzy, confused, lack of concentration,

thinking, reading and memory decline.

And slow decisions, unpredictable, not self-confident.

4. Behavior may be expressed

as evasion, fear, irresponsibility and an inability to act.



Self-relaxation techniques and methods for maintaining mental health How to take care mind from illness .

1. Know and understand yourself the best.

Study the strengths, talents in yourself. To be able to use appropriately

That is based on legal validity and morality.

Accept one’s weaknesses, adapting to the environment appropriately.

And use your ability to benefit society.

Courageously confront problems.

2. Practice to making the mind fresh and clear.

Optimistic training is prudent, not impatient, easily angry,

has a sense of humor, not too serious about everything.

But should not be obsess with nonsense.

Try to practice calm the mood.

3. Practice listening to the opinions of others

And listening to reason more than emotions.

Consider issues for various reasons and information.

You shouldn’t blame yourself or others emotionally.

4. Adjust yourself to be compatible with other people.

Make yourself beloved by the people, be bountiful, sincere to others.

Happy to help and have kindness to others.

Make yourself self-interest for others and society.

Reduce selfishness.

How to take care mind from illness

5. Maintain good physical and mental health to be consistent.

Regular exercise, eat healthy food, work properly and get enough rest.

6. Finding an anchor.

Especially holding on to the teachings of the religion that they respect.

Because the teachings of the religion will induce the mind to be calm.

Cool, intellectually, not obsessed with anger in things that are not useful.

Mental health is always good.

7. When having problems or having mental stress.

We should find opportunities to relax with hobby or exercise.

It will make the mind more comfortable.

8. Practice mind management

Practice meditation, free mind is to strengthen the mind.

And can always understand yourself and improve yourself.

When there are problems in various situations.

You will be able to reasonably consider.

Therefore How to take care mind from illness learning, preparing, and practicing to face life.

You should promote all development for both physical, mental, emotional and social.

So this will develop into a good personality and good mental health as well.

And help to prevent mental health problems and happy to continue living.

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Toxic words you should not say

Toxic words you should not say

Toxic words you should not say .Do you know that the most common words we often talk about can become toxic? Then it may have serious consequences for life, if you do not think carefully before saying it out.

What words are that Toxic words you should not say

Let’s see together.

Toxic words you should not say

1. Excellent!

If someone talks to us once or twice with this word it consider a good way. But think about it. No matter what we do, small things, big things, some people always use the word “excellent!” to you. We will begin to doubt. If we hear this word again and again, often.

Whether or not to praise us with sincerity or not. Using multiple exaggerations makes the words become nonsense. And therefore, we don’t want to say anything to the person who likes to repeat the same words again.

Because we will feel unsure about the sincerity they had to offer. Therefore, we should use this this word in moderation. And use it with sincerity would be better.

2. Sorry

If you are often apologist Because if you likes to make a promise to other people first and think that if you can’t do it, then apologize later. This one is definitely not good. Because the listener will feel that you are a blabber.

And think that your apology is not sincerely from your heart. That may make other people see you as unreliable. And don’t want to work with you.

Therefore, it is better if we use this word when we are really wrong. And do apologize it from your heart.

Toxic words you should not say

3. Hope

This word seems innocuous. But has an incredible psychological effect. Because when you say “hope” that means you don’t have any confidence. Because of your words will order you to only “hope” but not to do anything either.

This word, in addition to affecting other people who have already heard. And can also affect your subconscious mind too. Therefore, if you want your life to move forward, stop saying “hope” then everything will be better.

4. Uh

When someone asks something, then we need time to think. Many times we can’t help but saying “uh” in order to delay the answer. Which this word does not damage anything. But it makes you look unprofessional.

It would be better if someone asks you something and you can’t answer. Just change from “Eh” to “Let me think for a moment” because when you say this sentence. Your answer will look more reliable.

5. OK

Especially if open-ended questions that want some of your comment back. And you don’t know what to answer. And the answer is just OK, or even when you use it as the closing sentence. But you use a harsh tone of voice, it definitely will not benefit you, moreover, will make people see you as a disinterested person.

Those are some example of toxic words that sometime we are using it in the wrong way. So, think carefully before you say Because if speaking wrongly, life will definitely change!

Credit : ไฮโล