Signs that are indicating that you are suffering from depression

Signs that are indicating that you are suffering from depression .In Thailand, 1.5 million people are exposed to depression a year. But only 30% of those are seeking treatment. It means that many people do not know they are suffering from depression. Or some people know, but think that they don’t need treatment and it will heal by themselves. But continually lacking in treatment it can cause this disease to become another terrible disease that took the life of Thai people unexpectedly.

Depression can have many causes. This is partly due to abnormal brain activity. Due to the neurotransmitters in the brain that aren’t balanced.

Heredity also makes us more vulnerable to depression than others, but it must be combined with other factors such as hyperthink, frustration, feeling hopeless, feeling that we are alone in the room. Doing things alone often, these behaviors can affect everyday life. Relationships with peers have decreased including socializing and working. Should be taken to see a psychiatrist to determine the cause and get treatment properly.

In addition, people who lack confidence can easily get anxiety, prone to depression, cumulative stress, life problems that cannot be solved, chronic illness, unemployment, no money, poor relations with close people or suffered a severe loss in life.

These things will stimulate the symptoms of illness to show. Including the symptoms of illness and subsequent drug use, complications or side effects of depressive symptoms may occur.

Signs of depression.

  • Have a depressed mood. Some people may be moody, irritable, aggressive.
  • Lack of interest in activities that you have done
  • Loss of appetite or increased appetite. Weight loss or significant increase.
  • Insomnia or sleeps longer than usual.
  • Moving or speaking more slowly than usual. Feeling tired all the time.
  • Pessimism, feeling that they are worthless, lonely, and feeling guilty.
  • Lack of concentration, memory deterioration, and a lack of decision-making.
  • Irregular menstrual cycles. Have decreased or increased interest in sex.
  • Pain in the body for not known reasons.
  • Thoughts of suicide or attempting suicide; hurting yourself.
Note: 5 out of 10 symptoms must be present consecutively for 2 weeks or more. And is almost always, almost every day.
suffering from depression

Various changes occur in people with depression. They may be gradual, monthly, or occurring as quickly as 1-2 weeks depending on how severe the impact is. But daily life habits of people with depression will definitely change. Due to the imbalance of chemicals in the brain, resulting in physical illnesses. Crying often with the trivial things, tired of people, tired of work, tired of the world, tired of life. 

Think of yourself as a burden to other people. Become insecure, don’t dare to decide, easily forgetful. Work efficiency is reduced, unable to work thoroughly because of lack of concentration, starting to take leave from work, leave more often.

Don’t want to socialize, inactive, not talking to anyone, sadness or feelings of despair are greater. If there is a traumatic event during this period, it may cause self-harm and even suicidal thoughts.

Depression can be cured. It is most important to follow your doctor’s treatment plan so that your symptoms get better and eventually heal. Complete all medications prescribed by your doctor. Changing lifestyle and cooperating with a psychotherapist to treat. Currently, there are 3 main treatments for depression: Antidepressants (balancing brain chemicals), psychotherapy, and brain cell stimulation therapy.

We can practice dealing with depression on our own without setting too hard work goals.Don’t make decisions that matter to your life, Such as divorce and leave your job during depression. Write in a journal to express your feelings. Exercise to relieve stress will help you sleep better. Eat well, invite friends to play at home or join family activities. All of these behaviors can help us overcome depression.

Understanding from those around them is important. Don’t think that a person with depression is weak but because people suffering from depression are patients. Therefore, if proper treatment is received, they will return to a stable temper. Ready to perform various daily activities as before. And don’t ignore if the person next to our body talks about dying or does not want to live. You should immediately notify the doctor or psychiatrist.

How to improve yourself to be a better person in 5 weeks

How to improve yourself to be a better person in 5 weeks . For those who are afraid of change. Sometimes we want to improve ourselves even further. But we are anxious and afraid to change because we do not know what the future ahead of us will be. And we always keep ourselves in an area that feels safe. But if we want different results we need to change, we have to “dare to change”

Today we offer good techniques in the transformation of ourselves within 5 weeks to lead us to overcome our limitations. And create a gradual change to ourselves.

Week 1 : Write about yourself on A4 paper.

Divide an A4 page into three columns vertically:

– The first field is us today.

Describe your current characteristics, such as obesity, not good at English, lack of maintenance, acne, etc.

– The second box is us from now on.

Write down the opposite of the first field, for example, if you feel you are overweight. Write down “Good body” if we feel that we are not good at English Wrote down that “Good at English” and if we have acne Wrote down that “Smooth skin” etc.

The key to writing these columns is to gain “confidence” that we can “change” and if we can change ourselves in the future, no matter what direction we want to change ourselves.

– The third column is how to bring about change.

For example, if we want to have a better look we have to start exercising or apply for a fitness club. If you want to be good at English you need to practice English on a daily basis.

The important thing is not just that what is “ourselves from now on,” but we need to write a “behavior” that will lead to that goal. Simply put, try to make it concrete. And go into detail to the level where you should start doing something immediately. By the way that would lead to that behavior. It’s not just about writing what you need to do in general. But we need to carefully study how we can really achieve our goals. For example, if we want to have a good figure. It’s not just telling yourself to go to the gym. But we still need to eat foods that are suitable for our lifestyles. Exercise the right way in the right amount, too

Research studies looking for information on “what to do” to be able to be like that. Is one way of creating concrete behavior. When we have filled in all 3 fields, the next step is “take action”.

Week 2 : record something new.

When it comes to week 2, we should have started to see a change happening for ourselves over the past few weeks, and this week we will be making more changes for ourselves by starting to do “new” behaviors every day at least 3 things per day.

Keep a record of the new things that happen each day. Even if it’s a little but taking action is considered to be a success by recording that new thing it is also linked to our behavior. Because when we want to take note of something new every day we always have to try to do new things. It is like our everyday challenge and goal.

Week 3 : Difficulty is a sign of taking action.

If we want to become better in addition to doing things that are good for ourselves. We need to turn those good behaviors into “habits” as well. The trick is, when we are feeling “difficult”, take action right away.

If we have a large amount of work waiting to be done do not wait for the deadline and hurry. Hurry and do it from now on. When doing this on a regular basis, we become a habit. And helps to stop procrastinating as well.

Week 4 : try to do the most “embarrassing” thing.

Try taking Improve yourself out of the Comfort Zone by trying something you find “embarrassing”, such as greeting a stranger, greeting people we meet in elevators, etc. As we get used to our shyness, our “fear of change” disappears. In addition, the practice of “patience” to feel embarrassed. It can also help refine our minds as well.

Week 5 : Take advantage of the enemy.

In the past, we might have avoided talking to people we didn’t like or someone we don’t feel close to. But actually if we try we may find good or hidden value. We can learn from people we don’t like and take advantage of what we have learned.

We understand the feelings of people who want to change themselves for the better version. But at the same time you still secretly feel the fear of change. But if you don’t start doing something so you might not see the result then.

Reason to change your mindset to wake up earlier

Change your mindset to wake up earlier .

Change your mindset , Reason to wake up earlier . Getting up early seems to be a hindrance for all working people. Because it is difficult to wake up alone to work for some people. But did you know that waking up early is good for work? In which people who are successful or do good jobs tend to make good use of the morning after waking up. And this is the reason to change your mindset to wake up earlier!

Exercise to increase agility.

Morning is the best time to exercise. When you wake up earlier, you will have plenty of time to exercise before going to work. Just 20 minutes a day, it will add energy to the body and help clear the brain. Because exercise helps to improve blood circulation and also reduce the tension resulting in work more efficiently.

Had breakfast to help strengthen your memory.

Many people tend to neglect eating breakfast. Because they have to hurry to work until they do not have time. Breakfast is the most important meal and should not be overlooked. Which has been found to research that eating breakfast helps to strengthen the memory system and learning skills to get better. When the brain is working hard, it becomes more focused on work. While those who starve breakfast this will lead to lack of enthusiasm, poor memory, and the risk of dementia.

Have more time to allocate your work life.

Just waking up 1 hour a day earlier than before will give you 15 more days a year, which means waking up before others makes you one step ahead of others. When you have more time, it will help make allocation of work life easier. Because there is time to plan for the work systematically before the time to attend the event. Reaching the office before everyone else also makes it possible to concentrate on thinking about various tasks easier.

The brain drives better to create jobs.

The person who likes to wake up early often says in one voice that they are creative and inspired in doing things. When the brain runs, it will create better results. Which the body and brain are most active during reaching the office in the morning. Therefore suitable for work that requires a lot of concentration or important events that need to make decisions.

Reason to change your mindset to wake up earlier

How to wake up early every day?

After knowing a good reason for waking up early in the morning. Let’s take a look at some ways to wake up early every day, how to achieve sustainable results and be able to do it into a daily routine.

Wake up at the same time every day.

If you want it to become a habit the first thing you should do is wake up at the same time every day not sparing even on weekends. Because research has found that waking up at the same time every day is the best way to automatically wake up at that time. This is to adjust the biological clock or the life clock in the body to balance.

Not playing electronic devices before going to bed.

In order to have quality sleep electronic devices, such as smartphones, should be turned off at least an hour before bed time, as studies show that blue light can make the body more alert and interfere with sleep than other types of light. And it also affects the secretion of melatonin that makes us feel sleepy.

Put your mobile phone or alarm clock far away from you.

A simple way to force yourself to wake up easier. Is to place an alarm clock or a mobile phone set the alarm time far away from you to force yourself to get out of bed to turn off the alarm clock sound. Moving the body will help the body to wake up more easily.

After waking up, drink water right away.

Before going to bed, put a water bottle at the head of the bed. To be picked up to drink immediately after waking up. Which drinking water not only helps to balance the body and stimulates the brain to function well and refreshes. But also gives us the energy to start the day and also stimulates the metabolic system as well.

So if you can try to get up early it will give you a lot of benefit. We know that it might be hard for you but if you try it maybe you might like it this way better.

Self development concept to be successful

Self development concept to be successful . To be a successful person it needs to be influenced by various factors to help you succeed.

Philosophy is like a compass. It guides you to move forward independently and appropriately. Today we introduce “how to work successfully. Along with increasing happiness in working hours. ” If your work has both happiness and fun you will soon be successful in your career for sure.

Does not stop the development.

The people who will be successful in their career need constant self-improvement. Whether it is a matter of personality, behavior or even how it works. You will need to be a surveyor and assess your ability regularly, find flaws and improve. For example if you are not good at English but it is necessary to use it to work. You have to study and learn more to become better at English. In addition, you need to develop a new way of working that is suitable for you to make the work easier. It will make you more successful in your career.

Always be positive and optimistic.

Positive thinking will help you to work happier. When you encounter problems or obstacles, this positive thinking will help you get over those problems easily and quickly. We believe good thinking or optimism will make your work happier. And it will lead you to your success.

Be patience.

Patience is the power of success. Tolerance for words, tolerate for insulting behavior and tolerate for work stress is another important thing and it is the motive for you to move on to success quickly. In every working place there is always some bad person or a toxic person there but having patience will allow you to face problems of those people. If you just don’t pay attention to other people’s problems, you can find success for sure.

Be generous with colleagues.

Definition of success in the career does not depend on the elevation of the position. But working happily is already a path of success in your career. No matter what role you perform the fact that you are generous with everyone, be friendly with colleagues and give a friendly way to people. It will make your life happy and able to work together with peace of mind. “If a person does not know how to be friendly with other people, that person cannot be successful in his or her career.”

Work hard.

All the work must be determined and pay attention to every detail in order to get to the best results. When you have the intention to work, the results would be good as well. Being dedicated to working every day you will soon be successful at work.

Always ready to develop yourself.

In addition to your dedication for improvement and development increase the ability to work to create skills and expertise in the job. And able to adjust work styles to be in accordance with themselves appropriately. If you can do this success will come to you as you wish.


All the mistakes we made in work we should consider it as an experience which takes you in the right direction. And began to work with caution and try to avoid the mistakes to happen again. If you start working with a calm mind no matter what mistake you have, you can cope with any situation.

The concept of self-improvement is a form of “philosophy of life” that guides you on the path to success at the same time. Start to change yourself by developing a work style that is suitable for your abilities and you can be successful in your career. And if you do it with determination, no matter how much hurdle you encounter you can overcome that problem certainly.

Techniques for dealing with emotions

Techniques for dealing with emotions . Dealing with emotions requires our own determination to improve our emotional expression for the better.

Which relies on regular practice. Techniques that will help in the practice are as follows.

1. Review our own emotional expressions. 

Consider what the consequences are and how it affects ourselves and others? If we feel that expressing some of our own emotions is wise, we should accept it and find a solution.    

2. Prepare to express emotions. 

By reviewing the situations that lead to emotion. How do we express our own negative emotions?

You should train yourself to be determined not to do anything if what we have done has had a negative effect and how to do it and adjust our expression differently and expressions that benefit us.

If such situations happen again at this stage, it requires knowing your emotions. If we do not know what happened, let it be stimulated until the emotional level is high.

3. Practice mindfulness when entering an emotionally stimulating situation. 

Make sure you know that you are having an emotion. Mood arising will push us to act the same and get the same result. Mindful not to do as you used to and will express as we have prepared.

Mindfulness is a good practice to keep track of our emotions, whether bad or good.

When entering an emotional situation, you will gain more sensitivity. When emotions begin to arise within ourselves, we begin to regain consciousness of how we intend to express this situation.

This practice requires our own determination but if you keep practicing yourself, you can improve your emotional abilities.

4. Practice self-relaxation. 

This is because entering an emotional situation makes you feel overwhelmed and unable to control yourself. Relaxation practice makes sense to think about what is going on. Look at it in a positive way and use more reason to express yourself.

When you can regain your senses and feel that you are being aroused with emotion. Great self-relaxation is to draw our own attention away from things that are arousing us. If we focus on your words, expressions and expressions, anger becomes more intense.

Examples of ways that can be used to calm yourself down while facing an emotional situation to control the emotional level include the practice of breathing by bringing attention back to the breath in and out of ourselves.

A deep, breath can be used in any situation. But requires self-training before because most of the time when you have an emotion, breathing is often faster and shallow. Which makes us even more moody. Or counting the emotional brakes, it is the mental arithmetic. Count to ten slowly may be accompanied by breathing.

5. Assess the situation and mood. 

See if you can control your emotions well or not. If you feel that you can control your emotions quite well, you can arrange the situation in front of us as intended. If you feel that your ability to control your emotions deteriorates, you may need to choose an exit from an emotional situation.

When you improved your emotional state, you returned to face a new situation. The problem is that sometimes pride can be overcome. Making it impossible to get out of the situation.

This will only exacerbate the problem. It should be practiced to adjust the thinking that the best solution to the problem is to fix the problem well and not overcome it.

Our own mind and behavior are not even affected by us but it can affect others too. So dealing with emotions it is a skill that can be developed as well as methods and techniques. Such as regulating negative emotions to have appropriate emotional expression. It is an emotional self-development that is essential to life.

5 ways to improve and develop yourself to the next level

5 ways to improve and develop yourself to the next level . Have you ever asked yourself this question : why do we have to find out how to improve work to be more efficient all the time?

If you know the answer to this question that’s a good start then. Because you will be able to quickly assess to yourself and understand more.

What kind of strategy and what tricks? That will help you to improve the best performance.

Actually, there are two main reasons for performance degradation:

  • Challenging working conditions.

 There are several challenging conditions that may affect the effectiveness of work. Such as changes that might occur all the time, uncertainty and ineffective leadership, bad management, lack of awareness, employees are not involved, lack of morale or bullying at work etc.

If you often have to deal with these working conditions our suggestion is you can consider finding another job that is better suited to your needs. And it also supports your own work.

  •  Challenges in personal life.

 There are many challenges in your personal life that can affect your productivity. Which it may be something that can not be controlled at all.

If you find yourself in a shocking situation or suddenly make you feel down. The first thing you should do is be kind to yourself, be gentle, and don’t forget gradually. Step forward one step at a time.

Therefore, always having a strategy to keep improving work efficiency. Which it is really important that you should be adapted in your daily life and work.

Here are 5 ways to improve and develop yourself to the next level.

1.Target clearly.

Having a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve. It will give you direction and aim ,Because of the clarity of your heart it will result in you more likely to take action. Try to write down the goals you want to reach in both for short and long term. The process of creating goals you have to set your own timing and don’t forget to keep checking the results. Including progress in what you do on a regular basis.

2. Make plans for tomorrow before you go to bed.

What usually happens at work if you don’t have any planning. That is, you may be tired and cope with various problems that make it more difficult at work and ultimately affect your productivity. You should spend each night to plan for the next day.

3. Make a daily plan.

Once you’ve figured out what you need to do each day. Start writing down your action plan with clear details of the time to complete the task.

Tip: Don’t spend 100% of your time on goals and tasks that you need to complete each day. Allocate time for the relationship and spend time with your colleagues too. Don’t be so focused on your goals and tasks that might make you lose connections with others. Because of having a good relationship at work it plays an important role in enabling you to improve your work efficiency.

4. Take responsibility.

Share your goals, ideas, and experiences with your team and your colleagues. This will be related to how to improve work efficiency. Including expressing what you want to achieve, be a creator of good work and change for the better work. Be sure to look for signs that threaten your progress and try to get rid of it quickly.

5. Celebrate success.

Managing your thoughts is the key to tracking results and keep moving forward. The best way to keep your performance on the road is to celebrate success. We recommend that you do this regularly to improve your motivation. Your motivation level is an important factor. That will help make you want to go further and to be successful every day.

For sure if you follow these steps you will notice some change in your life. And it can lead you to be a successful person.

6 ways to recharge your energy from feeling lonesome

6 ways to recharge your energy from feeling lonesome . When you have to stay home for a long time it might make you feel so boring, annoying, frustrating.

Especially, during the paramedic that all over the world are facing right now so we have to stay home all the time. So we still have to take good care of yourself in such a depressing situation.

Actually, looking for activities to do when we have to stay stuffy in the house for a long time it is not that hard. But the difficult thing is that we don’t know where to start. So what should I do first? Don’t waste time ranking, anything that increases happiness you can charge it right away. What to do, let’s have a look.

1. Moving your body as much as you can.

With a limited area of ​​the house or room it does not allow us to move too much. Some people at work from home sit even more and not go anywhere all day. Both in our feelings were as bad as being confined and free. The less we move the body the less the mood becomes even more spoiled. Because usually we are used to getting around with no limits. But just lying down and watching a series or plowing on a social media timeline it can only temporarily cure boredom. Try to find activities that require more movement. Let the blood pump assure you that the power will return.

2. Find something fun that makes you forget about time.

Try to find an activity that makes you feel like it’s a great time saver. Killing time that we did not even realize. Because while we are doing those activities we will be extremely focused on it without being interested in anything around us. Take what you like to do and enjoy enough. For example, to read cartoons, watch series, continue jigsaw puzzles or dismantle the old stuff to arrange it, and also sit in memory of the past.

3. How about sing a song and listen to music?

Many people already know that listening to music can help relieve stress, so if you realize that stress has accumulated and it becomes more and more difficult to handle. You can try to listen to the healing music. Choose the most relaxing song if it is a natural sound, it will be good. Listening to it as well practice breathing as well. Inhale slowly for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, then gradually. Relaxing your breath for another 4 seconds, determining your breath will help increase oxygen to your body. To stay focused on the present. Enjoy until you get out of stress at that moment. Or maybe choose a song that has about 60 beats / minute. It is good for our brains as well.

4. Rest your mind to calm down.

Talk about resting your mind to be calm. Many people’s imaginations are directed to meditation almost immediately, but actually resting the mind is not just meditation. (But if it’s good for yourself) it is doing anything that relaxes your mind, focused still, relieves anxiety, reduces distraction, eliminates the distraction and the stress accumulated from work or the lack of freedom that has to be in the same place every day. In addition to being able to relieve the stress for a while you also get some benefits that help increase work efficiency as well.

5. Find opportunities for your fingers to move, scribble and write.

Instead of keeping it in the head, make it tangible or write in a journal of things we want to be grateful for in life. For us to write it off, the brain has to think and crystallize from our own experiences, this will help us stay away from negative feelings for a while, become less depressed, spend less time focusing on what we are comfortable with instead. Increased levels of dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that make us feel happier and in a good mood.

6. Laugh.

Even if laughter can be brought out, just laughing. Just let it be fun, funny, or positive feelings for us. Because laughing not only feels good mentally but it also has health benefits too. In the short term, laughter relieves and relieves tension in the body. In the long term it will help strengthen the emotional immune system. Cope with difficult situations without much difficulty.

So it is important to take care of yourself on both your body and mind. So you can try those tips out and see if it can help you feel better or not. We hope this article will help you in some way somehow.

A sign of both physically and mentally tiredness

A sign of both physically and mentally tiredness . Is your heart sad but still forced to smile and laugh.

We want to tell you that you don’t have to force it if you feel sad but you should let it out instead. You don’t have to endure it or keep it, whether it’s about love, family matters, study or work. If you kept it with you it will only hurt yourself. And the body will show strange symptoms that you will notice yourself that you are not the same. Let’s explore all symptoms and let see if you have some of these signs of both physically and mentally tired or not.

– Upset too often.

If you have to live with sadness for a long time, Your state of mind will never be strong enough to handle the complex stories of life. Your patience will be lower and you will easily get discouraged. It is an emotional disorder caused by sadness that has persisted in your heart for too long. It’s like you’re carrying a heavy burden on your two shoulders. At the last straw your mood is ready to burst.

– You feel all bored.

When sadness grips your mind even if there isn’t a lot of work to do, why do you feel tired all the time? Everything around you does not seem like the normal it used to be. You try to get your feelings back to you, but it is very difficult to do. And most importantly, you feel all bored, that is because sadness has been with you for too long and it slowly eats away your feelings. It makes you feel that the stories around you are so boring that you are powerless to continue.

– Slow down.

When you are sad you won’t feel like talking to anyone and make you tired of exchanging opinions with other people. When you have to start a conversation with someone, you can respond slower than usual. And you will feel that you are not enjoying the conversation. You were once at the center of an exchange of ideas. All of this is because you have to face sadness. Making you not want to say anything to anyone. So you need time in order to improve the situation in life.

– You feel pain in your back.

The spine is like the main structure of the body that needs to support your behavior and emotional feelings. When you are feeling sad a feeling of pressure is sent to the spine and that is why you may feel pain in your back or have chronic back pain. The symptoms start slightly from the end of the back before continuing to increase all the way to the shoulders and neck.

– Have sleep problems.

The best rest is sleep and if you are having distress. Sleep is the best way to regain your energy to cope with the problem. But most of the time, if you have to face sadness and have to live with it for a long time, sleep problems will be one of the main problems you face. Or even sleeping normally, it is not good enough sleep and makes you feel like you’re not resting when you wake up.

– You feel a headache all the time.

The feeling of a headache is almost the first sign for people who have to experience sadness and have to deal with it for a long time. When our hearts are sad it will affect your feelings and thoughts and makes you feel unhappy. You may begin to experience headaches from the nape and gradually spread over and over. And if you continue to let your heart sink in grief for longer and more in addition to headaches, you will also have hair loss.

– As an active walker, you will become a person who slows down and continues to drag your feet.

Think about a time when your heart is full of bad things. Your sense of energy will decrease immediately. One thing that is especially noticeable when you are sad. You will walk slowly and drag your feet. It is not the normal walking that you used to do regularly. As such, you need to hurry to find out the root cause of your own emotional sadness. And don’t be ashamed to ask for help from those around you.

So as you can see if you are having some of those sighs. We think that you should take a second to check on yourself. Maybe let’s take some break and see if you are okay or not. Don’t forget that both of your body and your mind are all important for your health too.

How to fix the student syndrome

How to fix the student syndrome . Student syndrome is a condition in which people begin to awaken themselves as enthusiastic about the job at the last possible moment before the deadline. Student syndrome is also considered a form of procrastination.

Information from Dr. Vinitra Kaewpila, medical lecturer from the Department of Psychiatry. Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University revealed the main reasons that cause people to procrastinate, 3 reasons as follows

1. Don’t know what to do.

To reach the goal we have to know the process along the way first. This is the point that many people are unable to start doing what they should do because they don’t know where to start. Like if you want to lose weight, you may know that you need to be on diet and doing an exercise. You may search a lot of information on the internet until you get confused about what to do first and can’t decide where to start. And you gave up and keep telling yourself ‘let’s just do it later’ something like that.

2. I don’t know what to do.

We may have passed the first level of what we need to do. But when we actually look at it, we see that there are many steps and it is not as easy as you think. Example, if you choose to lose weight with Low Carb, you need to know what kind of starch, how to reduce rice, and what kind of flour you can choose. Which is the information that must be studied. There is no difference from doing homework or a report. Because you need to research and find information and must bring that information and compile it to make it our work again. You just think about it and feel tired of doing it already and end up not doing anything.

3. Feeling afraid of something or what you are avoiding.

In psychology we believe that if we are procrastinating, it means that we are trying to avoid certain negative feelings such as fear, embarrassment, failure, inconvenience, or loss. Especially the loss of the comfort zone, etc., and this fear drives us to easily ignore what should be done.

When knowing the reason, we have a habit of procrastinating. Let’s see how to stop procrastinating.

How to stop procrastinating.

1. Talk to yourself.

Try to get to know yourself. When we have to do what we should do, how do we feel, what do we think of what we have to do? Doing it will result in good or bad for us, how to come back and explore yourself. Carefully reviewing yourself it may help us make better choices in doing what we set out to do.

2. Make time for that.

If we do not know what to do, we should find time to search for information to achieve our goals. Then stop claiming that you don’t have time and there is a lot of setup work to do. If other people can do it, you can do it too.

3. Set goals.

A Student syndrome goal is for dashing and when we have a clear goal we will make it to our goal more steadily. So, set a goal for yourself to jump into it. As if to lose weight try to set a goal for this week to avoid sugary drinks, fried foods and we’ll be encouraged to continue doing that.

4. Turn negative thoughts into challenges.

If there is a feeling of fear that you will encounter difficult things, a fear that what you will do may bring trouble. Let’s turn that fear into a feeling of challenge. Try with it for a while to see if we can get through things.

5. No need to be your best, but to be good enough.

There is no need to expect that we have to do our best in everything, just do our best. Make it good enough in what we can. Do it your own way and do not put too much pressure on yourself. And then we will feel more like doing it.

6. Let’s start with the little step.

If you still don’t know where to start you can try something out first. For example, if you don’t know how to write a report. Start writing topics first, start a list of things to write first. Or do not know how to lose weight, while making your decision, try exercising for 10-20 minutes, giving yourself a chance to try and do it first.

7. Do it immediately.

Transform yourself from forehand to backhand by doing immediate actions. There is no procrastination. As homework must be sent on Friday but the teacher assigned it since Monday so we try to do our homework on the evening of the order, let’s see what will happen to us.

In addition to these things you have to be ambitious too. Keep telling yourself that you can do it and cheer yourself up not forcing yourself. Hold on to these incentives. And we will stop procrastinating ourselves

How to deal with a bully

How to deal with a bully . Indeed, bullying in Thailand has long been a chronic problem. But in the age of social media widely used we can clearly see that the bullying is getting more and more serious. Whether in school or working age anyone can get bullied. And if one day we face a bully like this, how do you handle it? We have a recommended method then.

What is a Bully?

Bullying means bullying in society. From words that are slander, humiliating, or down to violent bullying which is a physical and mental injury. The types of Bully are as follows.

1. Use of force such as hitting, punching, harming the body or intimidating fear through the behavior of damaging things.

2. Bully with words to hurt the feeling such as mocking, criticizing someone else’s appearance, skin color, inferiority complex to causing embarrassment or loss of feelings.

3. Social Bully such as pressure to leave the group or breaking ties or discourage anyone from associating with.

4. The online bully or cyber ​​bully, which is a bullying that humiliates a wide range because they can be shared continuously. Cyber ​​bullying hurting netizens easier than you think.

Bullies tend to be endlessly repetitive bullying. Which bullying each other, no matter what method to hurt feelings, confidence, or it may go beyond the point of pain ashamed that the person did not want to join the society with anyone. Becomes a life problem that can be related to mental health problems as well.

How to deal with bullying.

1. Try not to respond to bullying. 

When being bullied and insulted, no matter how heavy it is, try to make some noise. Someone who bullies us may feel like talking to a wall until it’s all fun. Because if you respond or argue back every time, the matter may escalate greatly.

2. Do not respond with violence.

We can express our dissatisfaction but should not respond with violence because it may cause the other party to sign the blame for us. And will become a social defendant at risk of being viewed as worse.

3. Keep some evidence.

We should protect ourselves with some evidence that can indicate that someone is a bully. It could be a clip of a photo that shows how we were being bullied. How many times has it been? In order to consult the teacher, parents or if there is a serious matter, it can be brought to the prosecution.

4. Consult an adult.

Try to consult with an adult. It could be a teacher, a supervisor, or a family member to vent to someone can help us feel more comfortable. In addition, consulting someone you are trustworthy and can also make you feel secure.

5. Disconnect with bully people.

If you encounter a bully person, try to stay as far away from them as possible. Or if you get bullied by social media it is better to block all of those accounts immediately.

6. Let it go

Of course, we may have some bully wounds. But if we keep it more and more, think over and over again about what is happening. It can be an endless amount of harm to yourself. We should accept the fact that we cannot change the person. But what we can change is the bad thoughts that reinforce ourselves, so try to let go and live your life.

7. See a psychiatrist or psychologist.

If you feel really bad, your life is dark. Can’t find a way out for yourself so you should talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist to help heal the wounds in your heart to get you through the bullies.

8. Prosecute by law.

Many cases of bullying such as sexual harassment, posting false statements, causing damage. We are able to collect evidence to notify the prosecution to deal with it legally then. Solving the Bully problem needs to be solved for everyone on all sides, not just the victims who have been violated. But it should heal the whole group of people with bully problems too