Using thoughts in the right way

Using thoughts in the right way

Using thoughts in the right way . It is not strange that when we hear or are in an event that makes you feel unhappy and then we show resistance. Whether with facial expressions, gesture or speech. But did you notice that every problem, from small matters to big issues. Whether in the family, about the workplace or even the problems that we see in the news today. May be caused by unnecessary violence or lack of consciousness from speaking or doing something just to respond.

Using thoughts in the right way

Have you ever heard Gandhi’s teachings that

“Beware of ideas because thoughts become words

Be careful with what you say, as it will become action.

Beware of actions because actions become habits

Be careful of habits because they become personalities.

Beware of personality Because the personality will become fate. “

Using thoughts in the right way

All of this said it all starts with an idea. Everyone knows they have to think well before deciding to speak or start doing something. Of course, no one wants to regret it later. And what to do in order to be aware of ideas? How to Using thoughts in the right way ? We want you to think of at least 2 of these 5 aspects when you are in an inevitable situation when a conflict arises.

Try telling yourself this.

1. What you say and do indicates your personality.

If someone says something bad or does something bad to you, then that is an indication of who you are. Because you can’t force everyone to be good to you. But you can do your part well by practicing and improving yourself. Dedicate to work create value for yourself every day.

2. Your time is precious don’t undermine negative attitudes or bad words.

Attaching to resentment will only cause your thoughts to sink. The past is what has happened. Learning to let go of nonsense matters. Don’t live with suffering for so long that you forget that life must continue.

3. The never ending argument as long as their purpose was not to find a solution in the first place.

So instead of finding a weakness to hammer back and forth Turn to find the perfect point to end the problem. In addition to being good for you, it will also help eliminate other problems that will follow.

4. Look at the problem at a wide angle

Not just you who encounter bad things, each person has many problems to deal with. Some people can handle difficult problems because they understand the root cause of the problem. Acknowledging the opposite view of each other and trying to face each other many times. The messages that are not match are causing misunderstandings. Therefore, communicating frankly base on that reasoning, it is a simple, effective method.

5. Do not let the emotions for a short while causing you to regret it forever.

Words cannot be withdrawn. Action is the same. You can’t go back and edit past stories. The best way is to do the best. Stop using your emotions and turn to your thoughts first.

In every event you always have an option and you are able to respond wisely to avoid violence. Using thoughts in the right way . We just want you to be aware of yourself. Think carefully before deciding to say or do anything. You can learn mistakes from others. In order to improve and avoid problems that may occur as a consequence and move on.

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Reasons why we become “forgetful” people

Reasons why we become "forgetful" people

Reasons why we become “forgetful” people . No one doesn’t want to be a forgetful person, right? Because whenever we start to forget something often, it starts to signal that we “Aging” and even if we are still in school age, working age, if often forget definitely it will effect your work and also your life.

If you haven’t forgotten the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, we can identify the cause of these forgetful symptoms. According to the Harvard Health Publishing website.

Here is the Reasons why we become “forgetful” people

Reasons why we become "forgetful" people

Not enough sleep

Observe yourself easily that if that day is blurry, dizzy, confuse, the brain is slow to think of something and slower to make decision. In addition to being a little rest will cause us to forget. Still causes us to have mood swings. Such as easily anger and still risking anxiety that can also lead to forgetfulness.

Treatment of certain diseases

If you are treating certain medical conditions that require sedation, antidepressants, some blood pressure control drugs and some treating for the disease. It may affect the memory of the brain or cause people who receive these drugs to harder concentrate to remember. If you think that the medicine you are having is affecting the memory. Try to consult your doctor to find the true cause. Or consider a new drug instead

Reasons why we become "forgetful" people

Thyroid deficiency

Thyroid deficiency or hypothyroidism may also affect the ability to remember (Including side effects caused by thyroid deficiency, including sleep disturbances. That may lead to depression and may be a reason to reduce your ability to remember too). If you want to know if you are at risk of thyroid deficiency try to request a blood test for thyroid deficiency.


Did you know that drinking too much alcohol may destroy short-term memory. Although the amount of each person that affects the short-term memory is different. But no matter what, you should drink the right amount for yourself. The doctor simply suggests that men shouldn’t drink more than 2 cups a day, while women should not drink more than 1 cup a day.

Stress, anxiety

If you notice that during this period, your brain has to think hard all the time. May cause you to ignore other new information around you that has occur. Because you will not concentrate on other things.


Symptoms indicating depression that are easily observe. Meaning not cheerful and bright and motionless. No inspiration to do any things. And less happy with activities or something that has given happiness before. In result of the brain that chooses not to remember anything.

If you suspect that you are unusually forgetful. You should immediately adjust to various behaviors such as resting. Try to reduce tension or skip the alcohol. If not improve, you should consult a doctor to find the cause. And continue to treat correctly.

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3 wonders happiness against depression

3 wonders happiness against depression . The chemicals in the brain can greatly affect people’s thoughts, emotions, and their ability to control behaviors. Such as endorphins, a substance of happiness that everyone is familiar with. Controlling emotions, anger, and aggression. And the growth hormones that help children grow up and help adults stay young for a long time.

Actually, there are dozens of neurotransmitters in the human brain that can influence behavioral expression. And when these chemicals are in an imbalanced state, they can cause many emotional and behavioral disorders.

3 wonders happiness against depression

For example insomnia, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder etc., which today in the medical industry has synthesized many drugs. To help patients adjust chemicals in the brain quickly recover from depression.

But chemical treatment is not sustainable. Because when you stop using the drug. Then life goes back to stress and sad again. The chemicals in the brain are ready to swing into a state of imbalance at all times.

But from previous studies, it has been found that 3 wonders that can help combat depression and prevent many diseases, such as depression. By these 3 things, you will be away from depression. Therefore is something that is sustainable and very economical. Here is 3 wonders happiness against depression .

1. Exercise

3 wonders happiness against depression

Exercise encourages the body to perform various actions that are good for health, such as helping to prevent heart disease and diabetes, improving sleep and lower blood pressure.

Especially heavy exercise it helps the body to release a happy hormone called endorphin. But long-term light exercise also helps with the secretion of proteins that allow nerve cells to grow and create networks. It improves brain function and you feel better too.

In patients with depression, the hippocampus that controls the mood is usually smaller than the average person. Therefore, the neurons in this brain that are growing or working better can help reduce depression.

Currently, there is no conclusive evidence of how long or how long you will need to exercise. The nerve cells will begin to develop and reduce depression. But you should start to feel better after starting to exercise for a while (about 3 weeks).

Exercise is consider as a treatment for long-term results and cannot solve the problem immediately. Therefore, the goal of exercise is to make you feel like exercising. Whether it is to walk, run, swim, yoga or play team sports. Choose something that you like and it’s easy to keep exercising for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. Just as this, the health will improve both physically and mentally.

2. Restful sleep

3 wonders happiness against depression

Sleep is an indispensable thing for humans like us. By working age, aged 20-65 years, we should sleep 6-8 hours per day so the body will feel enough by the time that is suitable for sleep to maintain the balance of the hormones.

We should go to bed before midnight. Because it will cause the hormones that have secretion mechanisms during the time that sleep is fully release. Including melatonin hormones that help to deep sleep. Serotonin hormones that help to feel calm. Relaxing mood and growth hormone or young chemistry. Which will be shed while sleeping as deep as 11 am to 2 am only and it helps people to look younger.

Not only that, getting enough sleep each night will also help the various systems in the body work more efficiently. Feeling refresh after waking up and has the power to live life to the fullest.

It also helps to reduce the risk of becoming obese.  And make the body have a good immune system. Helps to prevent various diseases. Especially the relapse of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, stress, depression and cancer.

3. Breathe properly

Breathing brings oxygen to various organs of the body, allowing every cell to survive. But during the busy day and having to resolve various problems we tend to have shortness of breath. Muscle spasms and overused brain.

Therefore, taking a deep breath will cause the body to receive more oxygen, help reduce the level of Cortisol or stress hormones in the blood to decrease. Resulting in decrease heart rate and respiration rate. Blood pressure drop relieve anxiety, improve concentration, clear the brain and improve memory.

Breathing exercises for stress relief

Achieved by using the abdominal muscles. Beginning with deep breathing through the nose and counting 1 to 4 in a slow rhythm. Then, slowly relax your breath by counting 1 to 8, expelling all your breaths. Notice the belly is flattening. While doing, we felt that we had push all our stress out as well. We should do it consecutive 4-5 times and should practice every time when we are stress or when we feeling angry. Each day we should practice about 40 correct breaths, divided into short periods of 10 breaths at a time, it is not necessary to do at one time.

Here is 3 wonders happiness against depression . You may not have to have a lot of psychological knowledge. But believe us, allocating time for exercise, get enough rest and take a deep breathing during the day. Although it does not help to solve life problems immediately. But all 3 of them have magical powers that will enable us to overcome the obstacles ahead and continue every day. Helps us to have a healthy body and mind that is sustainable.


How to take care mind from illness

How to take care mind from illness .Stress or psychosis, neurosis including depression.

Become a disease that is increasingly known in today’s society.

Because in this globalize society.

It seems that those who do not feel stress.

And not worry are the ones who are extremely lucky.

Maintaining the state of mind to be always strong and perfect living in a human society.

You must experience both suffering and happiness mix together.

Therefore, having a strong mental health will be able to live better in society.

What is mental health?

How to take care mind from illness

Mental health is an important part of a happy life.

Promoting mental health helps to adjust in life to be useful as a study, work, society,

thoughts and emotions as normal.

Prevent mental health problems and psychiatric disorders.

Mental health problems consider as a major obstacle in living a happy society.

Mental health problems will show symptoms both mentally and physically.

Symptoms of mental health problems

How to take care mind from illness

1. physical symptoms

When the mind is stressing the autonomic nerves in the body are stimulate to function more.

Internal organs, which are direct by the autonomic nerves, are stimulate to function more.

Including the heart, blood vessels, lungs, stomach, intestines, bladder.

2. Emotional symptoms

Stress causes the mind to feel anxious, afraid, excited, uncomfortable.

Some people are depressed, frustrate, bore, easily irritate, not fun, the body is not cheerful.

Depression is often associated with severe loss or disappointment.

These uncomfortable symptoms may cause other symptoms.

Such as anorexia, insomnia, tiredness, tired easily.

3. Mental symptoms

There are thoughts changing according to emotions.

And may not think well thinking of hurting, worrying, repeat add unable to stop thinking, uncontrollable thoughts.

If there is stress and very continuous.

Therefore it will make the brain dizzy, confused, lack of concentration,

thinking, reading and memory decline.

And slow decisions, unpredictable, not self-confident.

4. Behavior may be expressed

as evasion, fear, irresponsibility and an inability to act.



Self-relaxation techniques and methods for maintaining mental health How to take care mind from illness .

1. Know and understand yourself the best.

Study the strengths, talents in yourself. To be able to use appropriately

That is based on legal validity and morality.

Accept one’s weaknesses, adapting to the environment appropriately.

And use your ability to benefit society.

Courageously confront problems.

2. Practice to making the mind fresh and clear.

Optimistic training is prudent, not impatient, easily angry,

has a sense of humor, not too serious about everything.

But should not be obsess with nonsense.

Try to practice calm the mood.

3. Practice listening to the opinions of others

And listening to reason more than emotions.

Consider issues for various reasons and information.

You shouldn’t blame yourself or others emotionally.

4. Adjust yourself to be compatible with other people.

Make yourself beloved by the people, be bountiful, sincere to others.

Happy to help and have kindness to others.

Make yourself self-interest for others and society.

Reduce selfishness.

How to take care mind from illness

5. Maintain good physical and mental health to be consistent.

Regular exercise, eat healthy food, work properly and get enough rest.

6. Finding an anchor.

Especially holding on to the teachings of the religion that they respect.

Because the teachings of the religion will induce the mind to be calm.

Cool, intellectually, not obsessed with anger in things that are not useful.

Mental health is always good.

7. When having problems or having mental stress.

We should find opportunities to relax with hobby or exercise.

It will make the mind more comfortable.

8. Practice mind management

Practice meditation, free mind is to strengthen the mind.

And can always understand yourself and improve yourself.

When there are problems in various situations.

You will be able to reasonably consider.

Therefore How to take care mind from illness learning, preparing, and practicing to face life.

You should promote all development for both physical, mental, emotional and social.

So this will develop into a good personality and good mental health as well.

And help to prevent mental health problems and happy to continue living.

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Toxic words you should not say

Toxic words you should not say

Toxic words you should not say .Do you know that the most common words we often talk about can become toxic? Then it may have serious consequences for life, if you do not think carefully before saying it out.

What words are that Toxic words you should not say

Let’s see together.

Toxic words you should not say

1. Excellent!

If someone talks to us once or twice with this word it consider a good way. But think about it. No matter what we do, small things, big things, some people always use the word “excellent!” to you. We will begin to doubt. If we hear this word again and again, often.

Whether or not to praise us with sincerity or not. Using multiple exaggerations makes the words become nonsense. And therefore, we don’t want to say anything to the person who likes to repeat the same words again.

Because we will feel unsure about the sincerity they had to offer. Therefore, we should use this this word in moderation. And use it with sincerity would be better.

2. Sorry

If you are often apologist Because if you likes to make a promise to other people first and think that if you can’t do it, then apologize later. This one is definitely not good. Because the listener will feel that you are a blabber.

And think that your apology is not sincerely from your heart. That may make other people see you as unreliable. And don’t want to work with you.

Therefore, it is better if we use this word when we are really wrong. And do apologize it from your heart.

Toxic words you should not say

3. Hope

This word seems innocuous. But has an incredible psychological effect. Because when you say “hope” that means you don’t have any confidence. Because of your words will order you to only “hope” but not to do anything either.

This word, in addition to affecting other people who have already heard. And can also affect your subconscious mind too. Therefore, if you want your life to move forward, stop saying “hope” then everything will be better.

4. Uh

When someone asks something, then we need time to think. Many times we can’t help but saying “uh” in order to delay the answer. Which this word does not damage anything. But it makes you look unprofessional.

It would be better if someone asks you something and you can’t answer. Just change from “Eh” to “Let me think for a moment” because when you say this sentence. Your answer will look more reliable.

5. OK

Especially if open-ended questions that want some of your comment back. And you don’t know what to answer. And the answer is just OK, or even when you use it as the closing sentence. But you use a harsh tone of voice, it definitely will not benefit you, moreover, will make people see you as a disinterested person.

Those are some example of toxic words that sometime we are using it in the wrong way. So, think carefully before you say Because if speaking wrongly, life will definitely change!

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Secrets for dealing with bosses

Secrets for dealing with bosses

Secrets for dealing with bosses .The World Economic Forum research shows that increase employee stress mainly due to a bad relationship with the supervisor. If we encountering a bad supervisor, we might wants to resign from that job then.

But for this economic situation. Facing a poor leader is better than being unemploy. Therefore, working with a supervisor should be more appropriate.

We here to present 7 tips for you to dealing with unexpected leaders.

Secrets for dealing with bosses

Because understanding is the heart of being together. Here is Secrets for dealing with bosses .

1. Fussy supervisor – Don’t let your emotions diminish your ability

It must be so headache if we have to work with a supervisor that fussy with everything. The first thing is that our work requires discipline. We should complete the work before the deadline. For the supervisor to check the details first. And we will have time to adjust the work before it actually submitting.

Progress in reporting and early submission. It is one solution to help smooth the relationship between you and your boss.

2. Chief of the high ego – Let the boss think that the work was because of him

The leader of the high ego will think that thier own thoughts are always correct. And feel the employee who are having a different opinions or conflicts as opponents. Causing the people who work to flatter their faces to gain the trust.

So we should offer ideas in a context that will support the supervisor too . Or in other words, allowing them to take part in our work. The important thing is for us to know ourselves and to control our emotions. Choose to battle on the advantageous arena only.

Secrets for dealing with bosses

3. Not working supervisor – A strong team have to be ready to negotiate

These types of leaders tend to approach their subordinates only when they encounter problems. Allowing subordinates to solve problems alone. While not thinking about the facts to support the correct decision. Causing many operations at times to create problems rather than solve problems.

You should gather together to talk to the leader. To adjust working methods and find suitable ways to work reduce problems in work. Focusing on work, not on the individual, is the way to warn the boss about things he doesn’t know.

4. Lack of Experience – Share ideas but don’t humiliate him

It is common for ordinary people. Not even the boss who does not know everything. Because he might have move from another department or get work that they are not familiar with. Which we are as a supporter who should share experiences with them. Suggesting some useful ideas would make the boss feel more friendly with us. Or use our ability to fill the parts that the leader lacks. Don’t look down or humiliate on them. On the other hand, there are many things that the boss knows about things that we don’t know too.

5. Boss who likes numbers – Numbers are science But marketing is an art

We often encounter conflicts between marketers and accountants. The cause of the conflict arises from a different perspective. Accountants or financiers are taught to make decisions based on facts and to reference numbers. If we face with a leader who has accounting or financial background. To work with him, there must always be numbers. The propose plan, at least, requires budget estimates. Financial goals, The sales are expect to increase etc. Decisions base on numbers it’s not right or wrong. But base on the assumption that anyone is more reliable.

6. Creative head – Focus on ideas Look into concrete

A creative leader is good. But if there are too many, it is a penalty as well. Because each day there are many ideas emerging and need it to complete at a moment.

Dealing with a boss like this. We have to focus on the chief’s idea that what does the boss want in the final? Because the chief creative mechanic has a wide idea But cannot really dive into practice. Try to convince him to ask a very focused question: Want something concrete and point out possible obstacles if doing so.

But do not criticize or reject his ideas. Conforming to his ideas but pointed out to the chief that if following this would happen what would happen.

7. Things you shouldn’t do – Chief is not an enemy

Regardless of what the leader is. But do not consider him to be an enemy. If not, it would be difficult to find happiness in the workplace. Therefore, suggests that we should not confront leaders directly. Otherwise the conflict will become even more intense. And do not pretend to be a hot-headed

So this is some great tips Secrets for dealing with bosses . Hope it might useful to you and can make your working life much better and happier.

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Tips for happier days

Tips for happier days

Tips for happier days .True that life must have both the sweet and bitter mix. But do you know that you can force yourself to be a hundred percent happiness if you try! It all happens if we intend to enjoy life, and of course this course, if you practice it, it will be more valuable than gold from psychological techniques. And the body’s scientific mechanism that helps us to be happy.

1. Learn to say “Thank you”

When we thanks to someone or even thanks for something. It will make us focus more on the positive aspects of life. This pleasant memory leads to the production of serotonin in the anterior part of the cerebral cortex. CINGULATE CORTEX. This technique is also often use to treat depression.

2. Solve problems one by one

When we worry, we should find the cause of it. That is another hard work of the brain. That consumes a lot of energy Therefore, whenever the brain is tired and the problem is not resolve. We will feel anxious and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, when we have successful decisions Our brain will reward ourselves with neurotransmitters. (NEUROTRANSMITTERS) that helps the limbic system calm down. And helps us to look at the world again brightly. Therefore, we should try to deal with the problems one by one at a time.

Tips for happier days

3. Don’t keep the problem alone. Try to write it out.

When we encounter problems that make us uncomfortable try writing instead of speaking. Writing it out will allow us to use many parts of the brain. Causing our bad emotions to decrease. So don’t keep the problem inside. Whenever we release the problems our brain produces serotonin and helps us to find positive aspects of the situation.

4. Touching and embracing

For humans, social interaction is very important. Which we can do in many forms. Especially with touch and embrace. Which can help accelerate our recovery after getting sick. But if we do not interact with anyone by not touching at all. The brain recognizes the lack in the same way that it feels physical pain. Causing the brain to be stimulate in the same area as when receiving pain. It affects our emotions and also leads to the development of depression.

Tips for happier days

5. Let’s start learning new things again.

For that brain gaining new knowledge means adapting to a changing environment. This process, our brain will develop. And also rewarding our own efforts with the so-call “Hormones of Happiness” or Dopamine. If you want to be happy, don’t be afraid to try something new. Try changing the environment to learn new things.

6. Play sports

Exercise is not only good for health. It also has a big impact on our emotions as well. Notice that we will feel better after sweating. That is because the reward receive from exercise is an endorphin substance that is released from the pituitary gland. Has similar effects to opium to helps reduce pain and improve mood.

7.  Get enough sleep

While we sleep our body releases melatonin hormones. This hormone slows down all systems in the body. Helps to repair the body and increase the level of serotonin in the hypothalamus brain. If the brain detects changes in light, it will cause the brain to release stress hormones to stimulate the body to wake up quickly, so it’s important to sleep 6-8 hours a day and especially in a dark enough room.

8. Happiness from Expectations

Have you ever been happy about waiting for something you like, want, or exciting? For example, waiting to have a delicious meal. This is another process that our brains will experience when we expect something in return. Is the reason that we like to count the time and look forward to some special moments. Whether it’s a birthday or a wedding Meeting friends or just ending a long work day.

This is just some Tips for happier days for you to have an idea to giving yourself some more happiness. So, use those Tips for happier days wisely. It will definitely make your life batter for sure.

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Techniques to help make your life happier without stress

Techniques to help make your life happier

Techniques to help make your life happier without stress . The reason that makes us feel that pressure may cause by obligations. Some change in surrounding conditions or unexpectedly situations. Each person will have different level how to handle things. Therefore, it would be better if we stop putting pressure on ourselves. And start learning the ways to help make our lives happier without stress.

1. Practice letting things go releasing various stories in life

Sometimes we feel too stress. We may be responsible for many things in life. But at one point the body and mind couldn’t accept it. We should view the world as a fact. Some things may not be immediately successful. Because we need to spend more time with it. Therefore, we should consider cutting or letting go.

2. Know how to reject thing sometime

Many time the situation is stress. Often caused by considerations. Always remember that we are unable to accept or can always follow the wishes of anyone. We also have an obligation. Have a personal life that needs to be manage. Let’s review and prioritize what needs to be done. Practicing gentle rejection in order to reduce the excess burden in life is better than having to sit and pressure yourself.

Techniques to help make your life happier

3. Organize life to prepare for every situation

Stress and pressure often come with new things. That we always have to deal with it. To avoid the pressure caused by that situation. We should remind ourselves. And prepare in advance every time when there is an opportunity, such as organizing your own schedule. What else you have to do? It should be clear so that we don’t have to fluster and pressure when there is some extra work suddenly come up.

4. Do not forget to eat well

Sometime we tend to forget about health care, especially about eating. We should always checking on ourselves. That we may eat a lot or too little sometime. When we despite stressful we should take some more vitamin supplements or minerals in order for the body to return to balance. Or having some whole grains nutritious snacks. Both are useful and help to relieve stress.

Techniques to help make your life happier

5. Always support yourself.

On the day when we feeling so much pressure. We need to control our minds to help recover good feelings is ourselves. Try to find articles to support yourself. Know how important you are. Spending time with yourself may help boost up your confidence.

6. Find the ways to release feelings.

In the face when we facing the problem we can feel so stressful and good way to make yourself to be ok again is to releasing the stress out. You can cry sometimes or talking to someone that you trust. It can help you a lot. Do not keep this stress with you alone. Go do something else that helps to escape from the orbit of pressure.

7. Look for relaxation techniques that suit you.

People have different ways to relieve stress. We should start preparing by finding our own personal techniques. To use during the times when you have to dealing with the sudden overwhelming stress. For example, you may lean back and close your eyes for about 5 – 10 minutes. Take a deep breath and try to count the numbers quietly. It might help to release you stress and make you more calm down.

All of this is just some example of Techniques to help make your life happier without stress . Try to find the best solution for yourself to make it more effective in life.

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Right Ego to make life success

Right Ego to make life success

Right Ego to make life success . Ego at the right level is essential. But being too important to yourself is not good.

Our enemies are none but the Ego within us. Having the right level of Ego is the good side of it. 
Which will help us succeed in life. It will help us compete letting others know about our potential out of the past achievements, but sometimes after we succeed, Ego tends to dominate. 

Makes us look at ourselves higher than others Makes us become overly confident and ultimately bad Therefore, managing Ego is an important issue.

Ego is

Everyone who has a dream. Everyone has ambitions. People who climb up to a higher position, musicians, athletes, scientists, Business owner. These people create value and find ways to achieve success. Ambition is a necessity and a driving force for it to happen. 

But seeing yourself as the center of everything, Ego will be a barrier to your success.
Ego is the desire to be famous without having to do it. Success will make others praise and acceptance in us, but many people want it without success.

Right Ego to make life success

Ambition is different from Ego because it is based on success.

People with Ego tend to think they are right. Being confident and taking their own thoughts, don’t listen to anyone it will lead us to an unsuccess. We have to bring the good side of Ego to use, which is to have both beliefs and self confidence in the right way.

Practicing emotional suppression

Anger happen when we not receiving justice and narcissism. These things will obscure our thoughts. Such behavior is caused by Ego. Being able to suppress your emotions will help you focus on your work and learn from the events.

Look in the long run

Reduce the importance of short-term satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Think of what will happen to make us grow. It will help us to develop ourselves in the long run. We should be aware that we are not as good as we use to think. And still have to adjust the attitude to be better.

We don’t know everything and we need to learn a lot more

Our success is often due to the fact that many people help each other. We have to make other people’s work easier. At the beginning, accepting to obey the commands may be against our Ego, but hold it down and look for the cough. Exchange with the boss. Draw people to help with our work

Always learning

Being proud is dangerous. Because it will prevent us from learning. Success doesn’t make us immediately an expert. 

Establishing learning habits on a regular basis will make it easier for you to start working life. Success will often trick us into being confident in what we know. We should always be aware that. There are many more that we do not know yet. And it is necessary to know.

Pride in yourself will make us stand still. Stop developing yourself. Including the work that we do.
Self-esteem is different from Ego because it is a feeling of success. Sometimes it makes us forget that we can continue to develop even more. We can go farther.

In addition, self-esteem makes us vulnerable when people criticize or compare us. If someone says that we are just a normal person, the Ego in us will try to protect us from that word. 
Although how good we are there are always people who are better than us.

Establish and maintain standards

People who can continuously successful. Must strive to do what needs to be done. And do it at the right time and get the results as it should be. Must work everything to the standards. After the work is completed, the standard must be maintained or improved to make it better. Don’t be too confident and do not stick to your previous success.

Admit mistakes

When we apply for a job, our abilities and qualifications may not be exactly what the company wants. The Ego in us makes us think that our ideas should be accept. We are capable enough. But this world is not always what we think. We will do our best. But it does not guarantee that we will succeed. Find out why and improve it.

Trust and use people to the good way

The ability that we have leads us to the point of being a leader. Make others praise and accept us. Sometimes we may not trust other people to do big work or important work. Ego in us will make us feel that others will not work as well as we are. We must learn to trust other people too.

Right Ego to make life success

Having the right level of Ego is essential for success. But being too important for yourself is not good for your career. So we have to practice suspension and learn how use the Right Ego to make life success . And you will know the exact definition of Right Ego to make life success .ฝากขั้นต่ำ-50-บาท/

How to stand up and fight again in a stronger version

How to stand up and fight again

How to stand up and fight again in a stronger version . Someone once said that “The problem will make us stronger.” I believe that. In our lives there are big problems. Lots of things, such as not success in love, financial issues, health problems, lost your loved ones, divorce issues, problems with work and many more.

Each person takes the time to overcome that problem. Some people don’t take that long and can change the attitude of looking at the world. And learn to managing life better. That means that “The problem will make us stronger”. But some people take years caught up in the problem and have a suffering life with that problem.

Have you ever wondered how are these two groups different? And in which group of people do we want to be? And if we want to be the one that stronger from any skills or cognitive problems what do we need to know?

Resilience The ability to return to a normal life after going through the problem. Which is one skill that we can create. It is an important skill that will allow us to overcome various problems and return to a normal life again.

Here is interesting strategies for creating resilience skills. How to stand up and fight again .

How to stand up and fight again

1. Stop the negative thought cycle

Often when we encounter problems we will worry about the pessimistic results that will occur. Sitting around thinking about what have we done wrong in the past? How do we fix it? Will this happen again in the future? We think that if we can find the answer then we can handle that problem. But in truth we are caught up in the whirlwind of our own negative thoughts. Instead of getting up to deal with something and moving forward.

The question is, how do we stop negative thoughts?

In the article it suggesting that exercise or going out to do other activities that beneficial to ourselves will help us get out of this negative thinking cycle. Or even meditating to know what we are thinking about. And when that idea arises, be aware of that idea not garnish.

2. Ask questions about recalling the worst possible outcomes.

Thinking of the worst results that can occur it may help in planning to manage life if that happens. For example, if we are unemployed, we may think that we will never be successful in life again. Which is often the worst result.

Another method of management is think of the most optimistic outcomes that may occur. For example, we may get a better job. And always touch the things we put on us every time we start thinking about bad results. Tell yourself that good results will occur as well. 

After we handle our negative thoughts, we are able to do challenges. Or take action to create the results you want more than just sitting on negative thoughts.

3. Overcome fear of failure

Fear of failure is something that many people fear. Another way to manage fear of failure is you have to look at the events that occur. It is a challenge that we can overcome. Instead of what we fear, we have to fight with it.

Just changing your perspective it helps us to cope with fear a lot. For example, we are afraid of being alone. We may look back in the past that In the past, we were all alone happily. And next, think about good stories that will happen to be alone, such as more freedom to think, follow your dreams. The opportunity to meet new people etc.

How to stand up and fight again

4. Find the merits of past challenges or failures.

Of course, if we still feel sorry for the incident it hard for us to see the advantages. Or what we have learned from it.

Think back to what we go through and we can benefit and learn about it, such as the mistake of using emotions and decide too soon. We also learned to manage our emotions more and think more carefully etc.

Try asking these questions to yourself. In order to find advantages and learn from what is happening.

Will it have any advantages from this incident that has occurred?
What did you learn more than before? Before this happens.
How can you grow and be a better person? With the incident.

5. Look at the incident as third party.

If we are caught up in our own problems. It’s hard to see the real reason. Trying to stand out and look at your own problems like a third party. And ask yourself the following questions. Will help you deal with the problem better.

From another person’s perspective,

  • Do you understand that, What disappointed you and made you sad?
  • Do you understand that, What does the other person think?
  • How do you look at this event?
  • Does their view difference from you or not.

6. Remember that no matter what happen, it will pass.

Try to ask these questions to yourself. In order to see what will happen in the future instead of sitting on the problem. Or if you can’t remember try to look back at the old problems in the past and answer these questions.

What will you do next 5 years?
How will you spend your time.
How will you feel.

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7. Look for advantages from what’s happening

Such as unrequited love. The advantage is that we get to know ourselves better. And learn to love yourself more, for example, or causing problems in life. Makes us talk and build good relationships with people who are more meaningful to us, etc.

8. Watch inspiring movies

Sometimes when we get caught up in problems we may not see the advantages. Or useful to what is happening to us. Let us try to find a good movie to learn from the stories of those characters to have an inspiration How to stand up and fight again.

 9. Facing fear

For example, if we have financial problems we may not want to look at the numbers in the account. Don’t want to look at the numbers of credit card debt. Instead of escaping the problem, which we have no way to escape Let us face it and manage it consciously.

10. Use negative feelings to be useful in life.

Such as anger, feeling hurt it may be the motivation for us to learn How to stand up and fight again get and do good things in life, which is a very strong energy too.

We can’t choose what will happen to our lives. But we can learn How to stand up and fight again and we can choose to respond to various events and to use our best lives.